hey guys! i have a quick question, im writing a song with my piano and i have the verses done but the thing is my left hand is doing chord changes, but the right hand, is playing the same two notes, i suppose my melody, or my counter melody? but what am asking is, has this ever happen to you? If so, how did it turn out, what did you do? did you change it? keep it? anything helps! thanks! :)

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Hi Ben,

Sorry for my ignorance, I don't play keys, but I do music with people who do play keys. I am not too sure what you mean about your right hand playing the same two notes. Is it your desire to play the melody note for note with your right hand?


I always have faith though that there is way of getting around all things music, so that you can get it to sound good whatever your capabilities.  


Hi Ben

Keep improvising and see if you can come up with something new in the right hand. Changes and different musical elements will stop the song from sounding the same throughout and will keep the congregation engaged too.


We're really short on data here, Ben -- could you attach an mp3 of what you've created so far?  It's really hard to talk about music when you can't hear it (actual music, that is -- we talk a LOT about ideas surrounding music in these discussions!)

I have a feeling that you might do well to just sing your melody (perhaps record it for yourself, with the chords, as a sort of worksheet), and write down just the melody.  You can't sing more than one line at once! Then it will be easier to determine what the counter-melody (or what an alto or second voice would sing) is going to become.

Do you have any friends who know how to write music, maybe a school music teacher, who would be willing to sit down with you and work through even part of your song?  If you could just know you're on the right track, then you can continue on your own.

Is what you are singing two notes? Are there more notes in your melody? You're talking about the verses, what about the chorus and bridge? What does the structure look like?


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