Busy as ever in this group, I see!

I need some songs about the Kingdom of God.


Any ideas?

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TBH WTR has become very slow lately. I'll have a think, Dee, since nothing is coming to mind right now except a single line I can't connect with anything. Many songs refer to the KoG obliquely, rather than specifically: e.g. Let your glory fall in this place (starts Ruler of the nations IIRC).

Thanks both. I'm finding the sermon theme (Jesus' teaching about the Kingdom of God, specifically the story of the pearl of great price) tricky regarding songs. Normally, the theme triggers lots of song ideas for me.

Now that's a quite different spin on things.

Draw me close to you

Jesus, be the centre

All I once held dear

My first love (as a reminder)

There's probably a bunch of stuff, but I don't have a song list handy to remind me.

Hi Dee - WTR is v.slow these days...

Some more thoughts to add to those below:

King of Kings, Majesty

You are beautiful beyond description

I'm giving you my heart (I surrender)

God bless, James

As a church we wrote and recorded a song about the kingdom http://www.worshiptherock.com/video/kingdom-from-mapped-out-by-love...

I also like rend collective experiments "build your kingdom here"

Some possibles (I was going to mention Come set your rule by the Rend Collective Experiment as well)

All I have, All I am - Matt Osgood, on the Resound Worship site

Restore O Lord (old Graham Kendrick song)

Couple of home-grown possibles:

All the world is changed (on my page, http://www.worshiptherock.com/profile/DanielRead)

This one: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=8564513 (very rough recording of song based on Beatitudes, written by another member of our group)

Thanks for the suggestions, Folks. I'm going to be working on this today. It's nice to have somewhere to start. My mind was a complete blank! Some of those are familiar. Others I'll have to look up.


BTW, my name is Dorothy. Toni is confused cos I used to be Dee here, which was a very old nickname, because at that time I thought people used 'user-names' rather than real names. My fault, but Dorothy it is. No one calls me Dee any more.


Any more suggestions needed or are you sorted now?

I'm good now thanks, Wulf. Why not add some suggestions for posterity to discover though!


 I gather you met my son at SS! (Jack Stewart)


Aha! That joins a few dots up.

For songs, anything which refers to the King (and related themes - how about Majesty?) would be fair game; if you don't have a king, you don't have a kingdom. For thinking about the kingdom on earth you have songs about what we can do (another oldie: I Want to Serve the Purpose of God), songs about what God can do (one of my favourite songs is The King of Love ... captive hearts will be released because the King of Love is here) and even laments that draw attention to the gap between kingdom promised and kingdom realised (eg. Graham Kendrick's How Long).

Or, if you want something fresh, what about Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture, which was one of my take-home songs from Soul Survivor. It sings about power in the name of Jesus (the King) to break every chain (the kingdom mandate), how his sacrifice has swung the gates of heaven open (the kingdom victory) and an army rising up (that's us, living for his kingdom).

I would be interested to know if that one caught Jack's ear - and he might have other suggestions too, as there were lots of kingdom songs at SS (including the Rend Collective one Andrew mentioned).

Hi Wulf,

Last Sunday is an object lesson on when the WL and the Preacher are out of sync. I took the usual, orthodox interpretation of the treasure in the field and the pearl parables. Unfortunatel,y the preacher did not :-)

All my songs (well, most) were about Jesus' worth, how much we treasure Him, what we'd give up for him etc. We had a activity which reinforced this point too. The sermon though was all about us being the treasure/pearl and having been bought with a price. The congregation must have been very confused. LOL! Still that's what happens when the WL plans a few days in advance, the preacher decides what to say very late in the process and doesn't communicate that to the WL.

Oh well, can't win them all!


PS think you've met my husband too, at a Life-Songs gig. And of course our daughter Grace was at SS too.


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