I need some ideas of songs that can be used during alter calls.  I am looking for all types but these would be for a contemporary service.  I want to do something different than, "Just As I Am" and "Come Just As You Are"

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Chris Rice and Point of Grace do different songs called "Come to Jesus" - look on iTunes or youtube...
While songs that are written in 2nd person work well for that sort of thing, I would also consider any song that deals with grace, like Chris Tomlin's "My Chains Are Gone". It doesn't have to be explicitly calling people forward. But then again I might just be a little bit crazy.
Have you ever used Hillsong's "The Stand"?

So what could I say
And what can I do
but offer this heart O God,
completely to You.
We've used Take My Life (Chris Tomlin version) with an extended "Here am I, all of me, Take my life, it's all for Thee" where we shift the feel of the song and build it up a bit then bring it back down. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEzbwcMG9Gc )

We've used Holy And Anointed One / We're Thirsty as done by Skillet ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLucwS41uDI )

We've used Might To Save (Hillsong) and Give Us Clean Hands (Charlie Hall)
Here's some for starters:

Quiet altar calls:
Above All; All for Love; All We Need is You; All Who Are Thirsty (Brenton Brown); Beautiful (Baloche); any song by Kari Jobe or Twila Paris; Break Through (Baloche); Breathe; Come and Fill this Place (Helming); Come Let us Worship and Bow Down (Dave Doherty) (lots of Maranatha songs are timeless and thus contemporary); Draw Me Close to You; Draw Me Nearer; Everything; For These Reasons (Brewster); Freedom Reigns (Michael Larson); From the Inside Out; Give me Jesus (trad. Spiritual); I Have Decided (trad.); Hallelujah, Jesus (Keeper of the Stars), Wickham; Healer (Guglielmucci); He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions (trad.); Hear Us from Heaven (J. Anderson); Here In Your Presence (Egan); His Love (Ruis); Holy Love (Andy Park); Holy of Holies (Browning); Holy Spirit, C9ome (Hayford); Oh how He Loves Us (J-M McMillan); I Give You My Heart (Reub. Morgan); In Christ Alone (Townend); I Need You More (Cooley); In the Secret (Park); I Stand in Awe (Altrogge); Jesus, all for Jesus (R. mark & J.Atkinson); Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Paul Oakley - beautiful, and doesn't contain the word "bosom" like the old hymn); Kindness (Tom/Reev/Gigl); Lead Me to the Cross (Fraser); Let It Rain; Light the Fire (Maxwell); More Love, More Power; More of You (Gaither); My Heart will Trust in You (Morgan); My Reward (Baloche); No Sweeter Name; O Lord, You're Beautiful (K. Green); Open Our Eyes (Bob Cull); Bethel Church of Redding, Hillsongs, Baloche make lots of good altar-type songs; Power in the Blood (slowed down & softened); Rain Song (Joshua Brown); Refiner's Fire; Take My Life (Holiness); Surrender (Marc James); The More I Seek You (Zach Neese); the Potter's Hand (Z); Have Thine Own Way (hymn); the Wonderful Cross (Tom/Reevz & Watts); You Are My God (Delavan) + To Him Who Sits on the Throne (Graafsma); We Are Hungry(Brad Kilman); Worthy is the Lamb (Z); You Are My King (Billy Foote); You'll Come (Fraser). You Won't Relent>All-Consuming Fire>Burn in Me. Lots of variations on Amazing Grace are out and about.

Conclusion of Altar Call: Days of Elijah; Revival (Robin Mark); Happy Day; O Taste and See; Shout to the Lord.

That's a pretty good hunk of songs; but each altar call has its own purpose, set of Scriptures and message leading of to the call. Some are for strengthening commitment; some for repentance; some for renewal or uplifting of spirit; others for guidance; others for increasing community (there's a whole set there, such as "Bind Us Together", that I haven't even touched), others simply a call to prayer.`` You might even assemble a book of altar call songs, so you can flow from one to the other spontaneously if the altar call takes hold and you keep going for an hour, as can happen.
That is a great idea to have a book of alter call songs ready. One time we had to keep singing "Come Just As You Are (which is repetitive anyway), about 17 times!!!
Here are a few we use at CBCFC:

All Who Are Thirsty - Brenton Brown "All who are thirsty, All who are weak, Come to the Fountain"

At Your Feet- Casting Crowns "Here at Your feet, I lay my life down"

Take My Life and Let It Be- Chris Tomlin "Here I am , all of me, Take my life, It's all for thee"

Come As You Are- Pocket Full of Rocks "You can come as you are, with all your broken pieces, all your painful scars"

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Chris Tomlin

You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Billy Foote

Fade With Our Voices- Jason Ingram and Jason Gray

The Heart of Worship - Matt Redman "I'm coming back to heart of worship, where it's all about You"

Give Us Clean Hands- Charlie Hall

From the Inside Out- Hillsong

We Fall Down- Chris Tomlin "We fall down, we lay our crowns, at the feet of Jesus"

Hungry- Kathryn Scott "I'm falling on my knees, offering all of me"
This is one we love:

To the river I am going by Brian Doerkson

To the river I am going
Bringing sins I cannot bear
Come and cleanse me, come forgive me
Lord I need to meet you there

In these waters, healing mercy
Flows with freedom from despair
I am going, to that river
Lord I need to meet you there

Precious Jesus, I am ready
To surrender every care
Take my hand now, lead me closer
Lord I need to meet you there

Come and join us, in the river
Come find life beyond compare
He is calling, He is waiting
Jesus longs to meet you there
I think If you were limited by circumstances to the works of Brian Doerksen, you would still find a treasure house of superb altar call songs, enough for years of ministry.
Hi Guys,

Some lovely suggestions of songs........please excuse my lack of knowledge, but what are 'alter calls', is this when you receive communion or something else?

Thanking you. Lorraine
"Altar call" can generically mean any time people are called to the front of the church, either as an entire body, or in some churches, to individuals who wish to make a commitment to Christ or receive prayer. Some churches have teams of ministers and lay-ministers to assist, or a pastor may first request those with needs to come forward, then others who feel "led" to assist (pray with the people).

In many evangelical churches an altar call is the normal way to end a service -- to evoke some commitment from what the pastor has preached. More frequently, altar calls are given during the middle of a service, where there is no "rush to get to Wendy's." An altar call may be very short, or go on for extended time, until the last person has left the building.

In evangelical churches, the altar consists of benches between the pews and the platform.


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