I need some ideas of songs that can be used during alter calls.  I am looking for all types but these would be for a contemporary service.  I want to do something different than, "Just As I Am" and "Come Just As You Are"

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Thank you Greg for taking the time to answer, it is much appreciated. I can honestly say that I have never heard this term used before.

God Bless. Lorraine
Churches in the UK, which do it, usually call it 'a time of ministry', Lorraine.
Yes, that's what I would call it, or know it as. I did wonder if it may be a term used in the US, but then I noticed that you had replied earlier, and thought I must be missing something in the UK.

Thanks Dorothy.
Uh, I've been held hostage as a worship leader for some brutally pointless altar calls. A former associate pastor was known to drill for oil after his sermons when he was given the opportunity to preach. After the sermon, we lead a response song. Then the pastor prayed (for about 10 minutes) and called people to the altar. Then we sang another song. No one moved. The pastor got up at the end of the song and prayed again (for another 10 minutes) and called people to the altar again and asked us to play that song again. No one moved. He repeated this process for almost an hour, even though NO ONE CAME TO THE ALTAR.

The only reason it ended was because on the last song I switch to the chorus of one of the upbeat songs that was on topic with the sermon and dismissed people. He was pretty mad at me, but not as mad as the senior pastor at him. Ak-ward...

It's like the old saying goes: If after 15 minutes you haven't hit oil, stop drilling.
Good rula thumb. With potluck following the service, maybe make it 5 minutes (at least the poor wavering soul has the opportunity for focused talk at the potluck).
Yea I know what you mean. We have agreed not to let it drag on. The purpose is twofold. 1) to allow unsaved to come up and pray as the Holy Spirit leads and 2) for Christians to just come and spend time with the Lord. If they don't come we close it out. Very non pressure approach which I like.
We have a new pastor at our church now and what he asked us to do is to come up and play one of the worship songs we did earlier in service quietly during altar time and then, if needed, extend it with soft worship music. Yesterday's song was perfect with the message he preached because it talked of wanting to honor God and giving Him all of ourselves to Him. The song we used was 'This Is My Desire (Lord, I Give You My Heart)' and followed it with just chords in the same key.
We've started doing that occasionally as well. It works great! (plus that's one less song you have to plan. Win-win-win!)
Thanks for all the great song ideas. I really appreciate them. Per my meeting with the pastor, we have decided to call the time at the end "decision/prayer/reflection" time. This should cover all the bases. And the song choices you gave will be great for any of these.
I Give Myself Away
If We Ever Needed You
Main two I use are Surrender-Marc James (you can check it out on Youtube), and I surrender all. A new one i have tried is Healing is in Your hands of the new Passion Cd. I have a binder full of songs that can be used for alter calls.
Oh, I love using Surrender - Marc James too : )


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