Anyone have any suggestions for appropriate songs for Remembrance Sunday??


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Some possibles:

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind.
Lord have Mercy (Graham Kendrick)
How Long O Lord (David Woodman) (Track 5 on here:
(also, see:

At the risk of the usual pitfalls, there's also one of mine we use often for remembrance day - "For the Pride" see track 8 on the player of:
You can also get the sheet music on my page.

Many thanks Daniel, that's helpful.

Haven't listened yet - but the .pdf of the your music didn't seem to work?? Got the dreaded "404 Not found"!! :-(

Ah.... OK.  They were working when my stuff was first transferred over here from the old UK version of this site.  But, they've all gone now.  I'd better sort that out.  For now, here it is!



Many thanks.

We have always tried to focus on faithfulness.  Usually we have a special service in the afternoon for those who have been bereaved in the year.  It is a great way to contact the community and for those who are still suffering loss.  Quite a different feel to the normal morning service with the poppy brigade, which sometimes i feel can appear to glorify war. 


Some of the songs we have done in recent years:

Great is thy faithfulness

O Lord the clouds are gathering (Kendrick)

How long O Lord/Psalm 13 (Doerksen)

The Lord's my shepherd (Townend)

Can a nation be changed? (Redman)


These are all quite contemplative and can often be done as performance pieces. 


Just a few thoughts for you. 


Please excuse my ignorance, what is Remembrance Day?

In Great Britain (and other places in the world as well) on 11 November each year there is always a 2 minute silence at 11.00 to remember the fallen in various world conflicts.  Most churches have remembrance services on the nearest Sunday and there is a service held at the Cenotaph memorial in London where various governmental, political, military and royal representatives lay wreaths in memory of the fallen.

Remembrance Day is 11/11, with 2 minute silence at 11.00 as that was the time that war was declared over at the end of the first world war in 1918.

Many churches are used as the places for a more formal ceremony on the Remembrance Sunday, usually with local dignatories taking part.  Some churches use the day also for those who have lost loved ones as a day of remembering and thanksgiving; a good way to reach out to the bereaved.    




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