I don't attend a liturgical church, but I like to generally follow a worship flow of thought: Call to Worship song, song of adoration, confession, sending out song, and the like. One category that I'm falling short in is a song of preparation right before the sermon. "Speak O Lord" (Getty) is one such song, but I need more ideas. Also, "Speak O Lord" may be a little too "hymn like" for my church. 

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We're doing the same sort of thing, and songs that fit before the sermon have been tough to find - so tough, I even brought back "Thy Word" for a while 'til the band made me swap it out :-)  (the scripture and sermon are together in our service).  I had a couple originals we used for a while.  Found the song "Word of God, Speak" by Mercy Me, which fit very nicely into this spot for us.  Gonna have to cycle that one out pretty soon, too, though...

I can't get enough of "Thy Word", either.  What a fine song!  ...and I'll look up the MercyMe.

With a quick Google and CCLI search, I came up with: Lord, We Hear Your Word With Gladness; Lord, We Come to Hear Your Word; Every Promise; and you could even update hymns like Be Thou My Vision or Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. I have an uptempo song called Ready that might work too. Remember, any song can be changed to fit your style by changing the rhythm, tempo or chord progression.  Blessings!



Assuming you're referring to Keith & Kristen Getty's "Every Promise", that is an interesting possibility.

I also listened to their "Perfect Wisdom" song, that might also work.  Not on the topic of this thread, but to go back to a previous discussion, both of these songs are songs that I would say are in 6/4 - not in 6/8 or in 3/4.  The downbeats are on 1, 3 and 5 - in 6/8 or in 3/4 they would fall on 1 and 4.  Don't know if anybody wants to jump back on that old discussion, but these are both examples of songs that I would notate in 6/4.

Agree that various songs can be "improved" musically, but at least in my case, the trick has been finding songs about "God's Word" where the lyrics don't sound terribly old-fashioned.  For the "before the sermon" point in the service, I'm looking for songs that put forth the idea that "we are about to hear scripture and an explanation of that scripture, and we expect to learn and grow from doing that."  And that theme, especially expressed in contemporary language, seem tough to find.  I didn't listen to Al's two other suggestions, but just from the titles, they sound like they're gonna be pretty hymn-ish.

More suggestions welcome, though!

Can you find, each week, a worship song that speaks into the subject, or some key part of, the sermon for that week?  This can mean quick-learning experiences for the other musicians, but it may have its rewards.

This is basically what I have been doing.Just trying to think through other approaches.

In our case, we don't have enough advance notice to do that.  So we just have a small set of songs that put the congregation in the mood to hear a scripture and what the pastor has to say about it.  "Thy Word," something with that sort of message.  This doesn't seem to be a very common theme for modern worship songs, but there are a few out there.  I still like "Word of God, Speak" but anything about "teaching" could work.  You might try searching for songs based on Psalm 119 - they won't all work, but there's a heavy emphasis on "God's word" throughout and may get you a little closer.


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