Songs written to play to non christians which tell of our view on life without worshipping God directly in them

Worship music is very important interms of ministering to God and one another in the church but shouldnt we be writing songs which we can play to non christians which carry that same anointing?

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I wrote a song (actually two songs, one twenty years after the first when I understood life better), which sang the entire Love Chapter (1 Corinthians 13).  Mine is very individualistic in style, and would likely be suitable in a high school choir (which is how I plan to use it this year); but you could create you own on this text which tells what real love is, what it isn't, in its actual applications in the world.  You can even make more specific applications than the text without violating its spirit.  Churchy words (God, righteousness, holiness) are noticeably absent from this masterpiece.

What do non-Christians need to know about life more than what real love is?

There is a popular cliche today that we are to sing "to God, not about God", which I disagree with.  We sing to God when we are singing about God, and we are singing about God when we are singing to Him.  There are differing degrees of "personal" quality, of course, as opposed to "telling and teaching" quality. 

I agree with your concept of "telling of our view on life."  If we spend all of our time singing nice worship phrases, the perception can grow that we are either hiding something or there is nothing there to hide.  We should be "revealing the mystery", which is what Jesus did for us -- he ripped away the veil and showed us what love is like, and what love is.

If we are called to be disciples of all nations , and considering the radicality of the message, should we not just stop beating around the politically correct bush. If I am not mistaken we have a life that voices for the truth of our message. Jesus was clear and straight forward, and he did not try to package it. So give me one good reason why we should. I think that all the political correctness, bringing things in an acceptable way, is actually not helping us at all.

I might take that one step further --

God directs His message to the whole world, whether the reader/listener goes to a church or claims to be a Christian or not.  So all labels are off -- we don't need to have one message for the church, and another for the street. 

The "acceptability" concept, or "packaging" has to do with speaking a comprehensible language.  But even if we communicate successfully in regards to language, if we don't communicate with love in attitude and action, the words not only won't be understood, they will have a negative effect.

I play in a band that is not a worship band and i would never think of playing any of my songs during a worship time at church because they aren't worship songs. They are about God and they include what i believe to be God centred themes but i don't play them in churches, i play them in pubs and gig venues. I think if you want to write songs that reach people then they should be played where they will be heard by people who need to hear them. Worship time is for singing to God and gig time is singing about God. There are of course some exceptions...
Hi!  Would you have some examples of texts for typical "pub & gig" songs versus texts you would only use in church?  I'm curious as to where your line of distinction is drawn, and is there any crossover?
There is a song i have written called break my heart which i feel is the biggest cross over in our set. You can listen to it here. The chorus is "sometimes the things i do break my heart and other times they don't but they should, even though these things will still hurt you, so let what breaks your heart break mine too. Let what breaks your heart break mine to, o Lord, let what breaks your heart break mine too." This could easily be a worship song sung in church but people at our gigs love singing along in fact in is our most popular song. If i got up and sang a worship song such as "jesus, all for jesus all i am and have and ever hope to be" they may feel i have ulterior motive.
Jesus was well-known in his day for his honesty.
I think I get your approach. Fun to listen to your stuff too. Is this something like "music with a Christian world view but not specifically worship music"? It seems like it tries to cover some of the struggles and pain that everyone feels and yet stays clean.

Your 'Break My Heart' song is great for church, home, gig-place or anywhere!  Your musical presentation is wonderful, too, funner than anything! 

Come to think of it, there are way more worship tunes than there are tunes about living the Christian life. A good song that deals with struggle and redemption in our personal lives could be both clean and honoring to God and I think non-believers would relate.
Be filled with gods love and write any song you like. 

Christianity can't be hidden. If it informs the life of the writer, then his fruit will be contagious with Christian principle, viewpoint and doctrine but in ordinary human language.

So I say any song style/genre can reveal the awesome power of the one who made music possible through the intricate, invisible and incredible resonating of air particles. The lyrics, language, a mode of communication allowed through the complex design of many intricate and irreducably complex body parts.. Wow. That shows god pretty powerfully too..

It's really the holy spirit who does the work of revealing god. He can do that in anything that you do. The key (as i understand it) is not to get bogged down with trying to engineer songs that do anythin in particular, but rather respond to what god is doing in us, and write those songs. I think that will prow to be the most effective.

I hear countless stories of people finding god in u2 or even linkin park.. (all with Christian members)


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