The app for iPad and iPhone, SongSheet Pro, has now released the new version 3.0. It has a LOT of great improvements over previous versions. If you haven't checked out this app, or just not for a long time, you need to! 

One of the big changes is the integration of as a chord chart source. WR subscribers can login to their account within the app and easily import chord charts into the app! Of course, being from WorshipReady, they are the best charts that you could import from anywhere!

Check out the iPad app here:

Any of you already using this app? New or existing users, please post feedback here for everyone else!

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Hey there :) I'm Gabriel, the developer of the SongSheet app. Happy to answer any questions about it that anyone might have!

Hey guys... SongSheet has posted a short and simple tutorial showing how you can easily import chord charts right into the SongSheet iPad app (or iPhone) now!

Hey, thanks for posting the link here - I completely forgot :)


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