Our contest judges (including myself) are buried in songs at the moment, in the process of judging them! We're trying to get them done in time! There are some really great songs that came through the contest this year and we're excited to pass them along to everyone! Also excited about being able to connect one of these great songwriters with Integrity Music!

Stay tuned for further updates!

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Songwriting Contest Update! As we received a large number of last-minute entries, we are giving our judges a couple of extra days to wrap up the judging. The winners will be announced this coming Monday, Aug. 21. Stay tuned!!

I didn't enter this contest, but I really do appreciate your update message.  I have observed other songwriting contests who fall behind schedule and don't take the time to tell everyone what is going on.  So, good job on keeping everyone informed.  I think if it has to go past Monday to get it right, people will understand that if you keep them in the loop.

Thanks for that Brian! We're working hard to make sure this goes beyond "You won" and "You lost". We're putting together all of the scoring and comments that will go to each entrant so even those that do not win prizes will at least get something from their entries. That's the goal. :)

Great!  You are doing it right IMO.  

when will the winners be announced?

Judging is being wrapped up! We will announce the winners tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 12:00pm MST. Thanks for your patience, but the big results are less than a day away!

Yes, we are late on the announcement and we apologize! We are putting together all of the final data and the announcement will be here very shortly!! Thanks for your patience!

Man, anything and everything that could have caused a delay or hindrance in wrapping this up happened in the last couple of days!! We appreciate everyone's patience! We do have the winning songs officially announced! Audio will be added later this week so you can listen to them, but the top 10 of each category is posted HERE!


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