Yes, I do know how hard everything is, with or without equipment.  Obviously with equipment is better.  Everybody needs a good mic and software. To anybody reading I recommend Reaper; easy to learn, the price is right, and you can use it 100% uncrippled. Pay for it only if/when it works for you!  That's what trials are all about.  Free download, no card required.

As an alternate route you could use audacity.  Audacity is much easier.  There's also LilyPond, and ABC format for leadsheet creation.  So, it doesn't even matter if you can't even carry a tune in a bucket.

USB mics are not the best (but the plug right into a pc without an adapter), neither are studio mics in a non-studio noisy environment.  Recordings should be dry with no effects.  You'd be surprised how good a recording you can get with a cell phone.

All it takes is lyrics and a melody, and you've got a song.  Obviously some songs are better than others.  The hardest part is getting something down mechanically; at least it seems that way.

I'm going to be blunt at the risk of offense.

Go to the ant... network, network, network; just do what you can.

Quit hiding your talents... I think of Moses!  God says, didn't I make you? You've got issues! And like Moses, God will pass by you onto Aaron -- he shall do it.  Is that what you want, really? Someone else to function under your calling because you think you're not good enough?

One plants, another waters but, God gives the increase.  Seems everybody wants to do God's job.  If only I can get the right person to hear my song (without spending any money); seriously, it's just like internet marketing -- so called gurus -- your song might not be good, but spend enough money and you'll get play-time.

So get your song written down in sheet music using a piano or whatever you have available; pennywhistle, it doesn't matter.  Or, get it down in audio; record it.  Hum it if you have to.

I'm here to water, so let's get planting.  I want to see some action.

I've seen a little... and it's wonderful.  It's a God thing.

What do I want? I want to see Jesus face-to-face, yesterday!  Until then, I'm going to occupy until He comes.  And, as long as I have breath... (you know the rest).

Please, don't make it harder than it is.

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