Hey, just to be clear, I am not spam, and I don't work for Bose lol

We are in the stages of researching for a new power amp and main speakers, and by chance I was given a demonstration of the Bose PA systems while browsing in Guitar Center the other day.

I remember reading something about this a few years ago, but what is drawing me to this system is that it advertises that you no longer need stage monitors, (which for our sanctuary set up would do wonders as we do not have a stage, and the only area the band is in, people have to walk through to get to the fellowship hall, so the less equipment/chords the better).

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this PA system in a church setting and could relay any feedback or information on it! thanks.


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Yes - we used a set of these for our contemporary service for about a year. Here are my thoughts:

  • Bose has a very tailored top end - I find it strident, not natural at all.
  • They really didn't work well without floor monitors, we couldn't really hear our balance without being right on top of them...which led to...
  • We had tons of feedback when used without floor monitors at any significant volume.
  • The sub was woefully under-powered for a full band.

We eventually went over to some Cerwin-Vega powered speakers with a 20" powered (and matched) sub. This is a much smoother sounding and easier to manage system. I think the Bose would be best with 1 or 2 musicians, which is how they were ment to be used - each musician with their own L1 & sub...but that get's outrageously expensive for a band of 7 people...and you'd still have problems monitoring the other instruments.

So, a friend of mine (who leads worship at another area church) borrowed them and he found them to be overly bright & sonically inconsistent from one room to another (they don't have a building & go between 2 different spaces on different Sundays). 

Considering our experiences, I wouldn't recommend it...

Thanks for the input!


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