My sound tech is very offended that I would speak into how the sound is mixed.

Do you think I'm wrong to do this?

I think it is about working together with the tech's and the band to bring about a good mix.

What do you think?

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Nadia you get koo doos from me ,wow you really stirred up some stuff,great discussion ,the thing we must aviod is hurting each other I am 63 I have some thots on sound reinforcement that I should have kept for another discussion sorry big mouth gets the best of me sometimes ,if your sound tech gets offended he is very immature maybe needs to sit a while ,we should not take it as a direct attack on his or her's ability to run a board,one piece of advice ,know what you are communicating to the tech,what is their skill level, ,you could have given more info I think,if you have a less than a quality system it does not matter how you think it is mixed,a bad sound cannot be fixed ,do you have an ear for music . OK stevo how did I do.
Grammar check:

Nadia, you get kudos from me. Wow, you really stirred up some stuff. That was a great discussion. The thing we must avoid is hurting each other. I am 63 and I have some thoughts about sound reinforcement that I should have kept for another discussion. I am sorry sister. My big mouth gets the best of me sometimes. If your sound technician gets offended, he is very immature. Maybe needs to sit out for a while. We should not take it as a direct attack on his or her ability to run a board. Here is one piece of advice. Know what you are communicating to the technician while keeping in mind their skill level. I think you could have given more information. If you have a lesser quality system, it does not matter how good you think it is. If the sound is mixed poorly, sound cannot be fixed. Do you have an ear for music? OK, Stevo, how did I do?
Now I'm freakin' out. Either I'm talking to Larry's alter ego, or you're a very good interpretor of stream thought. Either of these is in the realm of awe this evening.
Well what you wrote makes no sense at all,let me make this in comm you can understand ,the worship leaders is in charge,but on the other hand they better know what they are talking about,after playing in clubs i have very little patience with church musicians & sound techs in 20 yrs i have only been in a few churchs that the skill level was impressive,at 63 I have seen it all.& you can be sure this old kat is set in his ways.
You need to be more patient with inexperienced people.
Yet in the end, it comes down to one thing.....the worship LEADER. and that is why they are called the worship leader. because they are leading others. so those that are following, should follow. But with scripture in mind, the leader must lead as a servant and with humility.

although, i will say this about (me) also being a sound guy....i have worked with some novice worship leaders, and they truly had no idea what they were talking about. one guy wanted me to turn up his electric guitar louder because he couldnt hear it through the main speakers very well. i told him no. and the reason is that i can hear what is a balanced sound while he cannot.
Well if you're a knit picky perfectionist then you are wrong. You have to leave some breathing room or else no one will like you (except your mother). But on the other hand if your sound guy is too sensitive then he's the problem and you should replace him/her (except if the PA belongs to him), in that case eat crow!

Have peace and love over praise music?
Did someone actually make one like it? It's not out of the realm of possibility given that Gretsch made a guitar with "Felix the Cat" graphics.
Actually, if you are not perfect, you will eventually be replaced by someone who is.
That certainly puts a lot of pressure on us lesser saints ... thank God that God is is God and not the inner Pharisee. Thank u Jesus!


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