Hey ya'll. I'm new to the forum, and I have a loaded question, lol. We're looking to do a mini worship service/team for our youth. I would be leading this lil endeavor and we're looking at getting a small soundboard, speakers, etc. for our youth room. The youth room is LARGE and has cement floors and pretty much all hard surfaces surround it. We'd be looking to do contemporary worship, electric guitars, hopefully. I don't need a 48 channel board for this, but was looking for recommendations. What have you got?!

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Some small guidelines I would say:
Don't cut down on your mixer, buy an Allen & Heath (ZED16) or similar. Be sure you have a descent EQ on the mixer (2 mid-sweeps I'd say), as well an overall EQ.

Buy a 3 way speaker system. With as clear sound as possible. Yamaha or Community speaker are very good. (Dynacord is too fuzzy to my taste).

If you have a clean sound you'll have less problems with the hard floors etc.

My 2 cents :), hope it helps.
Keep it simple.
Much depends on your expected loudness, and instruments used.
We use powered speakers (EV's) and an 8 channel mixer (Mackie)
We set up the PA behind the band so monitors are not needed. This also sets the maximum volume capability for the instruments. If you can't hear the vocals....well, that should be obvious what needs to be done.
The main problem will be using acoustic drums. Volume levels will be higher for all, and available gain before feedback will be lower. If volume can't be controlled, then floor monitors will be needed.
Band needs to set up very close to each other, and the worshipers, to help off set reflective problems.
Guitarist, bassist should use small amps, and not go into the system.
PA should be used for acoustics,keyboards and vocals.
A small equalizer should be in line on the master output. (200~500 Hz will be an issue).
Our room is inside a warehouse with the same reflective issues.
Beware of possible AC shock hazards and ground loops when setting up on concrete.
Many people will lift the ground on their rig, DI's, broken off 3rd wire ground etc. to eliminate hum...this can get you a good zap touching metallic surfaces of other equipment.
Carpet remnants will cure most of these ills.
i worked at a music store and we had a lot of requests for the fender passport systems which semed to work really well u can also get powered mixers as small as 4 channel too
Thanks for the suggestions: saw a Behringer, Yamaha, and the Allen and Heath. I liked the amp ideas from john smith...wasn't aware of all the shock hazards. Not really sure what I should do about that other than the carpet idea.
Michael, we have a PA (Engineers corner) on WTR if you ask this question in there I am sure you will get an answer we have over 100 members with some people who are really good with all things PA and mixers etc.


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