I will be completing my degree in May which will take me into full-time ministry. I currently serve as a part-time Student Pastor and Worship Leader. My degree is in Biblical Studies.  This calling will take me away from my secular job of ten years, so it will be a change for my family and myself. 


The issue is...how do I know exactly were God is calling me?  I am a jack of all trade. I'm talented in teaching, preaching, evangelism, guitar/worship, computers/websites, audio, and serving in general. Looking for suggestions and prayer.


In Christ,



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I don't personally  think you have to look for a "calling" from God. It's not a popular opinion, but I don't think there is any reason to search for a calling so much as to use wisdom to find a right "fit". Any place where you are serving and being obedient to God's revealed word is in His will. Also know that the degree of sacrifice that you make in this life for the sake of the Kingdom is rewarded later when the Kingdom comes.


In your case, you might actually be constrained in the options that are in front of you when you finish your degree. So the real question is this - where do you want to go? What interests you the most right now?

Yeah, what he said.

I don't personally  think you have to look for a "calling" from God.

This is critical.


In my experience, most of the time when somebody says "I don't know what my calling is", they have their calling, opportunities are there for them, they just don't like what they see before them.  God does have something for you to do, he has it for you to do now - just make sure that you are being receptive to what he is asking you to do, which might not be what you want for yourself.


One thing that you might do (if you aren't doing it already) is to get your resume out there.  Sometimes opportunities don't make themselves known until you announce your availability and willingness to serve. 

We are "called" to be conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29); we are gifted and equipped to "do good works" (Eph 2:10). I'd suggest finding where your passion and abilities converge and then go for it.


I am similar, in that I can "do" a lot of things, most of them not badly.  But only one or two things really move me on all levels, so that's where I try to focus.


I'm slightly puzzled. Why is a degree taking you into working for the church when you're not sure to what you expect to be doing? Not trying to be difficult, but isn't this the tail wagging the dog?


Conversely one might ask, why did you study for a biblical studies degree with an expectation of working for a church? Was there a calling on you then for a particular ministry that you couldn't fulfill while working in your secular job, or did you feel that God called you to do this degree without information about where to go next?


You shouldn't necessarily answer these questions here, but they are the questions you might ask yourself. I'd say that having a broad range of skills makes you an ideal canvas on which a pattern can be painted, but it sounds like you need to hear for yourself what wall to be hung on.


If you did this because that's what people in your denomination do when they want to move to the next level then I'd say you should keep the day job until you hear what God thinks. FWIW I'd expect to see people moving into a particular ministry and then seek equipping to fulfill that, rather than t'other way round.

Truth is, I just wanted to be better prepared and have a better understanding of God's word and His church. I was called back in 2002 right after I finished my associate degree in computer science. I have been working in the ministry since then, but only on a part-time basis. Really no such thing as part-time in ministry though. The job I work at pays me very very well, but it is not what I'm suppose to be doing. I know my purpose is ministry. Just struggling between searching out position available in the Student or Worship ministry. Both would be great, but I don't want to get so caught up in one that I miss opportunities in the other.  Thanks for you counsel.



There IS no such thing as a part time ministry really - you're quite right.


So I guess the question is then, where is your HEART?

I heard a pastor this morning who said it was like the big end to the card game. Don't look for it, just stick all your chips in the middle of the table and let it go. When you let it go, tell God "it's all Yours Lord", then He will begin to work. It may sound cliche but it's true, just look at Him and let Him do what He does. I'm sure you know all of this but sometimes we just need a reminder. Congrats bro, I would love to be in full time ministry. What a privilage. 
Well, I've found that it's not all that black and white. Very few of us ever completely let go to the end of our lives, and it's a life time of growth in that direction. My personal feeling is that to the extent that you let go, God will also work along those lines.

I read "degree".  I read "Biblical Studies".  I don't read "guidance of the Holy Spirit".  Why not?

If you start your ministry out by going to man for answers that should be coming from God, aren't you beginning behind the eight ball, so to speak?  Calling out to Brothers and Sisters for prayer is a big "can do"!


Ministry is most definitely a calling, not a career. 

Waiting upon God, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is continuing at your local church the way you are doing, serving as unto the LORD, trusting that he is the one who will lead you where he wants you to go (if you are not there already) and he will reward you.


What I am saying is that you may not need specific instructions from God in this area yet, if you are doing what he wants you to do this season. And that is what I suspect is your situation right now. What do you say? :)

Does a degree take you into anything? 

Sounds like you're already started, being a part-time Pastor; and with talents like you describe, there are more opportunities for you for full-time employment than for the next fellow.  But God makes the opportunities, or at least guides you to the right ones for you.

Do remember -- every church large enough to hire a full-time music or arts person already has talented people serving in every area (or almost every) in which you are capable.  Your job is to lead them, to develop their abilities, to keep them from killing each other, to grow the church in love, to lock the doors after everyone's gone, to visit people at midnight, and lots of things you haven't experienced yet.

I'll join our other webmates in prayer for you, but have only one suggestion:

This may sound simplistic, but, my friend, if your face is pointed towards God, follow your nose.


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