After looking around the WTR site a bit, I haven't seen much talk about a very important part of the worship experience:  Stage Design.   I have found helpful websites like Church Stage Design Ideas, but they don't necessarily provide a full how-to when it comes to the process of changing church from a minimalistic look to a sermon-themed, elaborate look.  I know the design options seen in the above site and similar churches aren't the cookie-cutter method for all to follow, however, it's a great way to change things up and create a great atmosphere for worship.  But sometimes, finding information, funds, time, man (and woman) power, etc. can be hard to come by.  So for those of you out there that deal with this on a regular basis, is there a place to go, resource to obtain or way to start learning many great ideas from the ground up while saving on the church's wallet?  What tips do you have?  Any other websites you know of that can assist with these things?  Thank you in advance for your responses!

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The beauty is that NO church can possibly permanently install a genre of music.  Even if by written policy, as the people that practice one art form move into eternity things will change.  


I think we need to recognize our temporary place in this world and allow objects to be as temporary as possible.  


Yes, some decisions have to be made - and some of those are going to be pretty permanent - and there is no way to effectively see what the future holds for any congregation.  So make things as useful and flexible as possible.

I shoulda put one of them smiley faces :) after the word permanent.
I would also add, "eternal" in the sense that some things never get old. Like wing-tips or classic two button suits. The biggest complaint i have with some designs is that they get old real fast. They're like triple-knit suits and platform shoes.

My platform shoes are old?  


Crap.  Looks like I'm visiting the shoe store this weekend.


At least I still have my trusty bellbottoms.

Yea, I still don't really connect.


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