Wow, I'm really stuck trying to come up with yet another worship list for Sunday.

I can't even get the first couple of praise songs picked out.

Went thru my song book twice & was inspired by absolutely nothing. I'm always leaning towards something different than the previous few services. I have only young people on my team & they

only know the top 40 P&W songs going around today which sure makes it touch each week.

Anyone ever been there & what did you do?

Do you all ever correspond with each other & possibly exchange material?


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I have to (gently) point out that this sounds a little ironic. In the 21st century, does "listen to God" mean "ask the Internet"? ;-)

Perhaps more helpfully, when I've approached similar themes in the past, I have sometimes played a piece of recorded music so that the congregation (including the band) aren't worrying about notes and words and rhythms but have a space to stop and listen.


I use the sermon theme to select the music.  That adds to a natural rotation of the music.  Also, it's okay to teach songs that are "so old it's new."


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