I have nearly finished ny first album and am praying about starting a christian band. does anyone know of someone who could give me advice on this?

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Are you planning to be a Christian artist, or an artist who is a Christian?
What kind of advice are you looking for? Anything particular?
Are you looking to form a band to play your music or a band that can start with your music? You'd need different types of people to fill out the group (the former would allow you more control although probably also leave you with a lot more work making things happen).

Also, do you have any experience of being in a band? There will be some lessons to learn from that experience and, if you don't have that experience, it might be a step to consider pursuing before trying to jump in leading a band of your own.

I'd encourage you to ask yourself Wulf's questions regardless of the type of band.

If you're after a bunch of guys to play your songs then you'll need to look for more easy-going types who won't mind being told how you'd like them to play. If you want a band with you as an equal partner then consider more creative types, who have their own ideas and desires they wish to pursue (and be prepared for fireworks sometimes when you don't agree).

Just remember (you probably already know) that being part of a band is often only a little about the music and quite a lot about personnel management.
Hi all,
Thanks all for your replies!
I am questioning about starting one in the future and so I thought I would open it up in a discussion as to get helpful thoughts and idea's and ask myself real questions.
Like I said I have a selection of songs which can be worked with but then everyone can all right together. Bands shouldnt always be stuck in a mold so I thought we could start with mine and go on from there.
Must read "Tour Smart" by Martin Atkins and "The Indie Band Survival Guide" by Randy Chertkow. Check them out at Amazon.



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