Hello everyone, i need some advise on new ministries. I am the worship pastor at mt church and i felt called to start a young adults ministry. i prayed and talked with my pastor and he gave the OK to move forward. now i already had a small cell of friends that met weekly but that group was gonna be the core group to start this other ministry. the other night a couple from the group harshly scrutinized me and said they don't feel im fit fit to be the young adults pastor and i don't meet the qualifications in timothy that describes a leader. i was very hurt but understand that people are gonna feel what they feel so i cant judge back. but the question is should i follow through with ministry or not? they said if i follow through as young adults pastor that they will not attend but if i stay just a cell leader then they'll stay. please give me some advise.

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That sounds a bit controlling self serving of them. You are a fine leader as long as it's just them, but bringing more into the group makes you unfit to lead? Seek and follow the guidance of your pastor. I think the pastor is a better judge of your fitness to lead. I had this with someone on our praise team. When out prior leader left and our pastor asked me to step up and lead, this person said I was not the right person to lead our team and he threatened to quit. I did a lot of soul searching and second guessing but in the end my pastor gave me a talking to. You can't make everyone happy, period. The pastor is the leader of your church and is the best person to decide such things. Mine told me to stick with it. The person quit and our ministry has been growing stronger and longer ever since. Talk to your pastor.
thanks yes i do plan to talk to pastor but before going to him i wanted to see what other people think or if they have gone through same. thanks a lot i appreciate all advise given. I am only 22 and have been in pastoral role for 2 years so i still got a lot to learn and love help from other as well as my pastor. God Bless
thank u so much for your advise. i totally agree and am thankful for the support and knowledge you have shared. i know its not a democracy and i guess what made this hard was that this was coming from two of my supposive best friends. i have talked with my pastor and he supports me. once again thanks for your words of encouragement. also please keep this ministry in your prayers, being a young adult myself i know that this ministry is gonne be a bumpy one. God Bless.

-Pastor Tim-
My question would be, what qualities do they think you lack? You mention that these people are close friends. It could be a case of the prophet without honour in his own town, i.e. those that know you the best find it hard to recognise your authority, or it could be that they see or think they see something in you that needs addressing. The bible puts great emphasis on maintaining the unity of the believers so I think it is worth perusing the matter to find out.

Paul urged Timothy to not let people look down on him because of his youth. I have heard it quoted many times. However the sentence finishes "but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity" People will, in part, judge you and your abilities because of your youth, so be that man to set the example, pursue holiness in your life and God will bless you.
"what qualities do they think you lack?"

I've been thinking about this question, because we seem to have something rather strange here: you are fit to be a worship pastor but not a young adults pastor? Or a cell leader? I don't buy that.

The New Testament doesn't give any room for different grades of criteria for different grades of elders. And as a shepherd (pastor), you are what the Bible calls an elder (1 Peter 5:2). Even a cell leader, because of the pastoral function of that job, will need to fulfil the criteria set out for elder. So I cannot accept the reasoning given. Either you are fit for all the jobs or none at all. There isn't any halfway mark.

And I agree with Peter here. Your pastor is the best judge of your fitness, following his lead can't get you far wrong! :)


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