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I have a request from you all. Pls suggest a name for my niece..preferably Biblical.Am sure all you guys will have some names as favorite. That would help us to find the best name. Am based in India but since we are christians we prefer Biblical/English names.

And i promise i will come back and tell you if we actually selected any name from here.


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Boy's names or girl's names?

I've noticed many OT names gaining popularity - Asher, Micah and other minor prophets. And there's of course Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Hi Rency , I love these names and my suggestion :Ruth, Micah and Esther ..hope i was of some help ... God bless :)
If I'd had a girl, I would have named her Hannah
Caleb, christian ( that's my sons name)
thanks peter,newman,tina, amy, stacy....u all were great help.......if we can have more suggestions coming.Its for my niece- baby girl
rency!!! i almost got the shock of my life when i read this! i thought u were pregnant!! hehehe :-)

is this for roji and jesal's baby? when are they due?

i love :

or you could check out these links :




no rochelle............hahaha......its nt for me n neither for jessel n roji. Its my husbands bro's..how ru? hope u liking this community.
ohhhhh!! lol! wow! so weird to hear you say "my husband" :-) God bless you guys loads and loads. yep. i'm still trying to get familiar with this website, but from what i've seen, i think i really really really like it! :-) btw, gonna take ur suggestion and join the prayer wall group.

were the links any help?
My daughter's called Jemima Lily Hope - Jemima is actually a Biblical name though not many people know that! :)

Check out Job 42:14
If I was to have another girl I would be naming her:
reign - it means royal authority!!! Cool ha!
Deborah. In Hebrew it's devora, which means bee or queen bee. But a lot of people would pronounce it wrong in India if you spell it Deborah. I like the other spelling - Debrah.

I think Michelle is an awesome name (hehe).. it comes from Michael, which in hebrew means "like God".

Congratulations to Roji and Jes!
its not for Roji n Jessel...its for my husband bro kid


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