In the Philippines, there are more female worship leaders are leading the worship than men. Most of the songs written and recorded are actually have men as worship leading (except for Lakewood and Hillsongs). Though most of time, I transpose the key from the original recording like 2 to 3 semitones (3 steps from the original key). In your respective church, how are you dealing with this scenario that having the song sung by a male and in the actual local worship church it is sung by a female worship leader. What is the normal key signature that is fit for the women?

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I agree with you, I will try to give any lady worship leaders the best key for their voices. There will be times though, when they will have to stretch themselves a bit, because it will be easier for the congregation to hit higher notes than them. Most ladies strugggle with the high D, for example, unless they are in the middle of a congregation belting it out. then they hit that D, no prob! But that will be a problem for the lady worship leader because she's got a mike and she feels hesitant about blasting things out! :)
This is exactly the can of worms I was looking for. It seems that the majority consensus here is that the range of a song needs to fit the average congregant. You, however, are suggesting the opposite, that the key should accomodate the lead singer. I find myself torn between the two, especially on a particular song I'm looking at doing. I'm tempted to raise this as a new topic, but I'll try here first. Why the worship leader and not the congregation?
I would side with the congregation first, personally. After all, it's not about us, but about us serving others. However, I wouldn't think that high D is too high for most ladies to stretch for. A lot of male singers are reaching for F and beyond...and that's where I would draw the line.

I would also side with the congregation.  Listen to them and if you hear voices straining for high notes or graveling out on some low notes adjust the song accordingly.  It is definitely not a key signature thing or even a male female thing.  Gary, who sang lead on several songs on my CD could hit higher notes than any of our soprano women. Song leaders tend to be better singers - often trained with wider ranges. Keep it to where the congregation is comfortable.


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