Hello all! I am a new (1 month!) volunteer worship leader/coordinator. I need help! I would like to choose a few songs to do next month that would fit in with the topic of Unity in the Church. Our pastor will preach on this topic for the month of February, but I don't have the scripture references yet he will be using. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Our church has one blended service so any hymns can be included too. I am doing my own research on it, but I wanted feedback from you guys.

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In the same vein, if you change the "I"'s to "we"'s in many songs, it just gives an atmosphere of connectedness.

One song that we've done - although it's kind of old, and not really a classic - is "Break Dividing Walls" by David Ruis.
God of this City and Let the Church Rise by Jonathan Stockstill
We Unite by Elevation Worship. You can find a free download of their song and the chord sheets on their website elevationworship.com
Unify - Hillsong Church is a great song
Straight from Ephesians is Charlie Hall's song One Body One Spirit. www.charliehall.com go to resources then chord charts.
Thanks to all for the great suggestions. Some of these songs we have done and had not thought of in terms of unity. Like I said, I am new and I am so thrilled to be able to learn from all of you as I go along!
We Are The Body of Christ
Album : Come Expecting Jesus
John Chisum - Worship Leader

Please buy the album, it has a lot of great music from John Chisum
Here is the chord chart if you like to cover the song. The original key is G to A. Since our congregation has most women worship leader, we drop it to 3 semitones down.
Here is another song fitted for unity.

Father Bring Together
Album : Secret Place
Kent Henry - Worship Leader

Again, attached is the chord chart. The original key is in Key of C but we lower it down to Key of A so that the woman worship leader can sing it comfortably. Please buy the album, I think Amazon has it.
Go to www.proskuneo.info or go to iTunes
Look for a song called "With One Heart"
Sorry this is so late but there is a hymn titled "One in Purpose, One in Passion" by Ken Bible the tune is "Pleading Savior" and you can find it on LNWhymns.com. My sermon title for Feb. 28 is "Perfect Unity" and we are singing this hymn as well as "We Are God's People" a hymn and "The Church's One Foundation" a hymn along with "One Pure and Holy Passion" (Passion) by Mark Altrogge and Shout to the North.


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