I'm leading worship AND preaching this Sunday at Foothills A/G in Fort Collins, CO. Here's my set list:

D   Joy To The World / Unspeakable Joy  (Chris Tomlin)
E   Hark The Herald Angels Sing  (North Point)
B   Let Us Adore  (Elevation Worship)
F   Angels We Have Heard On High / Glory To God  (Vineyard)
D   Here In Your Presence  (New Life Worship)

The last song ties into my message.

What is everyone else doing this Sunday?

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opening set: King of Heaven, Our Lullaby;
candles: Silent Night;
before: Above All Else;
after: Dwell With You;
offering: Hope Was Born This Night;
communion: I Love You Lord;
outro: Your Presence In the World

We're doing one verse of "Silent Night" because it's the 200th anniversary (or something) of it being written, although the pastor has gone out and found some "advent" lyrics to the song that certainly weren't in the original...  Your Presence In the World is one I wrote, it's kinda not Christmas-y at all 'cause the message is "help ME to be... your presence in the world" but it was all I have.  We don't do a worship set at the start, our songs are spread throughout the service.  Dwell With You is one of mine as well, Above All Else is a Vicky Beeching song.  Our Lullaby we've done as an offering special before, but this will be the first time doing it with the congregation.

Turns out the theme for advent this year is "the animals of Christmas" - last Sunday was "lion and the lamb."  I didn't find out about this sermon title until, like, Friday afternoon, so we haven't made any effort to try to tie in, although we might still pull out Bob Dylan's "Man Gave Names to All the Animals" for an offering special one week.  We'll be squeezing in a traditional carol or two as Christmas gets closer, but most of them don't really fit our style musically, and, yeah, I'm still a little annoyed that the pastor didn't tell me ANYTHING about what her Advent theme was going to be until about halfway through the sermon last Sunday.  I'm trying not to complain around the band, but this is an ongoing problem, and WtR is kinda my "blowing off steam" place...

P.S., I really like this idea of posting setlists regularly, maybe this is how we get some more regular participation in the discussions...

Set List for tomorrow...

Lion and the Lamb-Bethel (G)


Great Are You Lord- All Sons and Daughters (G)


Yes and Amen - Housefires (C)


There's No Place I'd Rather Be - Joe Aiken (D)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NUwQlL3l84  (song starts at 0:45)

King of my Heart - John Mark Mcmillan (Bb)


I like your "There's No Place..." song - a simple chord pattern (but I like that the "verse" part isn't just more I - IV), this would be an easy one for both the band and congregation to learn.  I don't think I'm familiar with any of the others, but thank you for posting youtube links, that will make it easy to check them out... and hooray for any church that lets the WL do their original songs...

Hi Charles,

Glad you like it...chord sheet attached just in case. :-)  There's no place I'd rather be- Chord Sheet 

The church I go to is quite happy to have 'homegrown' songs or at least they are very good at being nice about it!

Nice :)

I also ended up doing Tony Sutherland's "I'll Just Worship" at the end of my message. It fit perfectly and really ministered to people. One of my favorite songs that I haven't done for a while. If you're not familiar with that song, check it out on his "Alive" album. I like the "Live" version best. :)


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