Supernatural by DC TALK Gotta share this Absolutely fun vid
I was looking for the song 'In the Light' which is also a great video, especially if there are any Reggae lovers like me on board here. But I found this animation to 'Supernatural'.....what fun. Thes guys are doing something that I have been talking about with is to be admired....and imitated. They are not 'preaching to the choir'...they are calling the lost..reaching out to those outside of the church as well as 'in' the church....I am almost 57 years old......but when I grow up...I want to be like these kids. Hallelujah. I am going to leaqrn some of these songs on soon as possible. These are the kind of songs that 'I' want to learn to write. This is what I have been asking the Lord reach those who NEED Salvation. Buy this these guys. And dont forget to dance and Praise God. Rejoice.

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