I'm taking a Sunday off in July. It will be the second Sunday I've had off this year. I'm sort of over responsible but there's only one other person that can lead and she only does it to help out. She doesn't really want to be a leader. It's a very small church so there isn't a big pool of musicians to draw on. there must be someone out there that has been through this. I'm working really hard on staying connected to God so I don't burn out but sometimes I'm hanging on by my fingernails.

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We're a small church and we have had people needing time off and seemingly no-one to cover. What we've decided is that during our worship practise, we're going to extend an open invitation to our congregation. We are blessed with many beautiful singers who maybe just need some encouragement to sing at the front and we have many who play instruments but who have never been offered the chance to do so at the front of church. We have a pool of very capable people that we don't draw from and I can't think of a good reason why we don't!
I agree,agree,AGREE, that we need to be building up the next generation ~ I know I personally need to work harder at saying to others, "You're really good at that!" instead of thinking, "They sound better than me ~ I hope they don't pinch my place!!"
I've been forced to take some time out of worship by illness ~ I've let myself get progressively worse until I was so weary, I couldn't function. I'm no good to anyone like that, so I'm praying that God will show me what it is that I need to cut out of my life in order to live an abundant life for Him.
He's all I want, He's all I need, Praise you Lord x x
That's tough, being sick and burned out. I've done the same thing, re-prioritize I mean. I'm concentrating on being healthy this summer and being very loose with music practice. We always practice before service so I'm keeping things simple in case that's our only practice.

It's so great that you have singers and musicians to draw from. I think I'm the only guitar player in our whole church. We do have a trombone player but I can't figure out how to include trombone into worship.
Yes it did help. I've been doing the same thing, keeping things simple... What kind of church plant is it? Is it a large congregation? I'll pray for you whenever I feel stressed.
Us too, about 45 not counting kids, although we've been around for 25 years in various incarnations. We just bought and remodeled a huge building!! Yikes!
I just read Wayne's book a couple of months ago while going through my own time of dealing with stress - I also highly recommend it.
Thanks, Audra, I'll check out that book. It's amazing and wonderful that someone in Australia, the UK, the Philippines, and different places in the US care and are willing to share ideas. I feel energized and blessed!
Truly, thank you.
Hey, BC Canada is not one of those "different places in the US". Just couldn't let that pass. We canuks like equal time...:)
Ooops, how could I forgot Canada, It was geographically rude, please forgive me. I feel especially loved by Canada!

Hey, how are you? I was praying for you yesterday. Are you a volunteer worship leader now or is it your job? I'm praying that you'll be healthier than ever.
I'm a volunteer. The church doesn't have a WL position in their budget as of yet, although it's large enough to warrant one.

Doing okay...some days better than others.
I'm praying for you!
Oftentimes, I certainly feel the same way, but I often stump myself with the following question. What's the difference between "needing a break" and "not being a soldier"/"being lazy"?? .... Part of me says that if I as the leader am not able to genuinely worship/honor/appreciate/love God while I'm playing, then I'm failing everybody - failing God, failing the rest of my local church and failing my responsibility/honor to God.

In general, I guess that's kinda why I like the idea of small groups where everybody comes prepared instead of just one person. But I suppose that's a bit of a digression :)
I like the idea of being a soldier.


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