We have been talking about creating a mission statement for the music ministry in our church for a while now, but we haven't gotten to it.  I'd love to hear yours, if you have one, or what you'd like it to be...

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I realize that the Statement goes along with the Church's, but I was just wondering how you all worded it... Anyone??
We don't have a specific "mission statement" but here are a few things we use when we need to refocus.

"Worship Matters. It matters to God because He is the one ultimately worthy of all worship. It matters to us because worshiping God is the reason for which we were created. And it matters to every worship team member because we have no greater privilege that leading others to encounter the greatness of God. That's why it's so important to think carefully about what we do and why we do it."

"Make our hearts steadfast, O God; That we may sing and make music with all our souls. For your love is great, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Help us to praise you, O LORD, among the nations; Help us to sing of you among the people. Be exalted, O God, and let your glory be over all the earth." -- Psalm 108
Thanks, Pete. We have really focused this year on: What is Worship & Why Worship. We also had Spitiual Gifts Sunday School classes over 13 weeks for all music ministy peeps and their spouses. All of this (and much more) has really drawn us close to each other, and it definitely shows when we are before the congregation.
I am delighted to hear how your church has focused on the worship, and love the idea of including your spouses. You are very blessed to belong to a church with such vision which is now bearing the fruits. God Bless you Benjamin for sharing and Pete for your heartfelt response. Lorraine
Excellent topic. As a new worship leader I am on pins and needles waiting for responses... Pete Brower's response gets the thoughtful juices flowing.
Yep, I agree with you, I feel the same.


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