This has happened to me more than once, and I'd gather for those of us in smaller congregations where we have ALL the music ministry ourselves, I'm not alone.

My father in law is visiting from England which adds a lot of work to our normal routine, but about a week ago he went into the hospital via ambulance with pneumonia.

That's not an excuse but I never reached out to our guest pastor to see what the message was for last Sunday. Even as I was preparing the 'Song of Meditation' that I selected to follow the message was very exacting and I was swaying between skipping it if it wasn't relevant, or just doing it anyway.

His message not only spoke about how the song had convicted me during the week, but drove home the essence of how the two were connected with such clarity that I was forced to stand up and give a short testimony before leading the congregation in singing that song.

I believe in being prepared for community worship and can't emphasize enough how seriously I take that responsibility... but in all honesty, every time this happens I'm reminded that God is working far deeper than anything my wee little mind can put together.

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I'm glad it all worked out well.  Yes, God is definitely gracious, and maybe a little extra so when it isn't

due to our own laziness that we are unprepared.  You had family responsibilities pressuring you which

is different than staying up late to watch an episode of Saturday Night Live!

Thankfully I'm more prepared than trying to get ready for worship on Saturday night... besides... I remember SNL in the early days when the skits were actually funny.

I think sometimes He pokes us a little to let us know He's got it covered.  It always makes me smile at the irony.  There are some days when I actually think I'm in control and God graciously lets me blithely go along thinking that I’m the master of my own universe.  Then he gently and lovingly displays His sovereignty.


Hope your FIL is doing better :-)

He was all set to fly back home tomorrow... had a stroke in the night and he's back in the hospital... we're devastated.
Oh wow!  I'm so very sorry!!!  That's really hard.  How is your wife taking it?  Will pray for you all.
exactly... and sometimes it happens after the fact... sometimes in the middle of a song... but that touch is unmistakable.
Good stuff!!!
great stuff david!


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