I sing at an outdoor restaurant during the spring and summer months and of course there are a lot of non-Christian people who go there to eat and listen to the music. I am the only Christian artist that sings there. I have been asked numerous times to sing other music, but when I gave my tallent and life to Christ I promised him that I would write and sing ONLY his music. Can we have the best of both worlds? Singing what he gives us as songwriters or can we jump back into worldly music and do that as well. I promised my savior that I would sing only HIS music and in doing so he has blessed me with some amazing songs.

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I agree Justin, if we make a promise or vow to the Lord to do or not do something then we need to keep that vow no matter what. The Lord will honor the obedience and the integrity of our heart and bless what we do for Him.

I really don't think we can have the best of both worlds. The scriptures say that we are not of this world but pilgrims passing through. Why would we want to sing songs of worship and truth to the Lord and then turn around and sings songs of the exact opposite? I know there are a lot of "good" songs and music out there but are they beneficial to our walk with the Lord or our testimony? Just some thoughts.

I would agree that you must keep your vows to the Lord, but I wonder if our definition of The Lord's Music is narrower than He would define it.

I don't believe that every song has to be a worship song, in the same way that not every painting has to be of the cross. I hear a number of songs by artists such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W Smith, etc that are love songs written to their wives, or songs about the value they place on their families, etc.

I think a song can be about almost any subject, provided we are communicating our Christian world view on that subject. In so doing, even those songs are a form of worship, because they point to our creator God (kind of like Romans where it says that even the heavens tell of His handiwork...)

To that end, I would not enjoy singing songs about being hung over because my baby left me, or "take this job and shove it..."(old popular country song!) because that's not how I view life. Can a song be just about the beauty of a flower, or the breathlessness of love? Sure, because God made it, and my song is bringing attention to it.

Maybe I'll take flack over this, but if a song written by an unbeliever doesn't conflict with my Christian world view, then I don't see a problem singing it in the appropriate time and place...(ducking for cover and running :))
Rick, you nailed it. I totally agree.
I see what you are saying, Rick, and I can agree with that. I used to play at weddings for friends and family and the songs they requested weren't always Gospel filled songs but were songs that celebrated love and the sanctity of marriage. So, I see nothing wrong with that in the appropriate settings. The only difference in me playing or not playing the songs would have been what was my commitment or vow to the Lord. Was it to only play songs that spoke of the hope of the gospel of the grace in Christ or to play those songs and songs that brought an appreciation for the beauty of creation and love as well? I guess, and I am speaking for myself here, that it comes down to our convictions and what benefits our walk with the Lord.
Absolutely, Jerry. Remember that the Bible teaches us to respect what the Master has requested of His servants. To one man, Paul writes, a certain day is holy; to another man, every day is holy. And in God's eyes, neither man is wrong.

If God has spoken to me about something, then He is the one to listen to! But I always try to remember that He may have asked my brother or sister to look at something slightly different. We're talking non-essentials here, of course.
No need to duck and run. I agree, everything has a time and place. I remember a friend singing "If there's no Mogan Daving in Heaven who the H wants to go?" I yelled out ME at the end of the song and got quite a laugh.
And I liked what you said about convictions. Each person usually hears from the Master as to what he should or should not do. If we Obey him we win.
Well said. I try not to label songs as "Christian" or "secular".

I love this line from Derek Webb's satirical song "A New Law":

-----don't teach me about truth and beauty...just label my music.
Good stuff dude.
I've never actually made a "promise" to God not to play or sing secular music... (actually, as a music minor with an emphasis in piano, I have no choice but to play and sing secular (classical) music.)
But one thing I have noticed about myself, I hate performing secular music. The only time I feel comfortable is if I'm singing and playing for the Lord. As much as I love learning classical music, and listening to it, I hate performing it in public. But for some reason if I'm every singing and playing for Him, all the "stage fright" goes away, and I am only confident because I know I'm praising my God.
With that, I did get my way once in a vocal recital and was able to sing a classical style hymn rather than a classical secular song... and I actually wasn't nervous about it either.
Sounds like you're going to be in good shape to be praising God once we get to heaven! :)
Right on Rick and I can't wait.
Sily guy. Of course there is. Mozart had class.


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