I sing at an outdoor restaurant during the spring and summer months and of course there are a lot of non-Christian people who go there to eat and listen to the music. I am the only Christian artist that sings there. I have been asked numerous times to sing other music, but when I gave my tallent and life to Christ I promised him that I would write and sing ONLY his music. Can we have the best of both worlds? Singing what he gives us as songwriters or can we jump back into worldly music and do that as well. I promised my savior that I would sing only HIS music and in doing so he has blessed me with some amazing songs.

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Not really. Watch the movie Amedaus. The story is fictional, but the character of Mozart was inspired by the wild behavior of him.
I have learned something new as well. As Justin said THANKS for the history lesson.
Um, more like Liszt verses Elvis.
Classical, or more accurately, Western "Art" music is full of immorality that is almost never mentioned in Christian circles because there is a false stereotype that Western Art music has class. There are French Baroque vocal works that are more sexually graphic than even some of Modanna's stuff. Liszt was a musical "sex icon" of the 1800's. Costumes in operas often revealed womens breasts, not to mention the amount of operas about brothels and "mistresses." Western Art music really developed parallel to the Enlightenment, were movements sought to secularize Europe, so it's no shocking news that this was reflected in music as well.
Me, smarty pants? I'm just a huge lover of music history... It really is a fascinating subject. I'd also say it's one of my passions because so many anti-contemporary Christian music critics often resort to the "faith, virtue, and morals" of the classical composers, and music as to why hymns, and classical music are "acceptable" to God, and rock beats are demonic because they are from Africa. (Seriously, read Kimberly Smith's horrible book Oh Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear, she has the audacity to cite a slave trader as a moral authority on the lifestyle between Americans, and Africans). Classical music gave us some great works that glorify God, Bach's music, and Handel's Messiah are just a few. But it's no holy genre, and many composers had reputations as "rock stars" of their time.
Way cool Mat. I feel the same way, it is so easy singing for him.
The nicest thing about honoring his word and singing for him is he always gives me songs that have a message, but never offend. I have sold more CD's to non Christains because they like what the message says. Thanks you guys for all the comments it is good stuff....
I also have sung on a regular basis at a restaurant in the past. Because I know that people want to hear songs they know, I did sing secular songs. But I didn't sing any songs that I didn't agree with. The guy who played the guitar for me probably thought I was over zealous, but it was important to me to not sing anything that I didn't think was pleasing to God. Now the songs did not reference God, but I don't think they were against God in any way. But I have struggled with where the line is. For example, I sang a couple of Beatles songs. Now, I don't agree with the Beatles themselves and how they have lived their lives. Should I exclude a song based upon the life of the person(s) who wrote it? If so, does that mean I exclude an Amy Grant song because she had an affair? If so then I don't think I could sing my song, because I am a sinner too. So where do we draw the line. I chose to look at each song and judge the content and not base it on the artist/songwriter.

And how do we define HIS music. After all He created the world and everything in it. Also isn't contemporary Christian music influenced by contemporary music? We can not simply play/sing music that isn't influenced by the music we have heard. It is a very fine line. But my guess is that if it doesn't bring glory to God then I shouldn't sing it.

Kara Lynn
"If so then I don't think I could sing my song, because I am a sinner too." Very wise words, Kara Lynn. We are all just sinners, saved by grace. And we are exactly the type of people that God chooses to use for His glory...what an amazing thing!

I remember being in Grade 12 Stage Band and having to play "The Stripper" theme song as part of our repetoire. I definitely didn't feel great about it, as I don't think there is any way to "sanctify" that one! :(
I agree with Rick we are sinners saved by grace. Each one of us has to search our hearts and find out what HE wants us to do. My mom passed away a couple of years ago in December and I sang an old country song "Waltz across Texas" for her. I didn't write it and probably won't add it to my song list, but I loved her and wanted to minister to her. It did. I am enjoying the response on this subject. You all bless me with you input because you have allowed him to show you what HE wants. Not what you want. WOO HOO!


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