Hey guys, I wanted to let you know about something that's going to be going on next month that some of you might be interested in.   

It's called The Forge Conference.  Basically it's a worship and ministry conference, but it's going to be unlike anything that's been done.  There will be over 70 individual sessions to chose from, dealing with things like worship arts, musicianship, songwriting, technical production, sound, lighting, mentoring, devotionals, coping with burnout, handling temptations, accountability...  all kinds of stuff.   

There will be late-night small group worship sessions, some led by guys like Brenton Brown, Joel Auge, McKendree Augustus.  There will be a huge concert on Friday night that's included with the conference price, which is.... 


Or less.  The more people you bring, the less it is.   This conference is designed for small to mid-sized churches, so they are making it affordable for everyone.  Three days, tons of stuff, killer concert, a hundred bucks.  

Check out the website 

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