King David was gifted in using both of these weapons of worship and warfare. How do you see these being used to gether in your life and in the life of your church. Shouldn't we also be skilled at these in our worship times?

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I believe that we are already wielding the sword while we lead worship. Many of our worship songs quote scripture and speak the truth of God's character and love. The enemy hates this. If our worship is from our hearts, it makes satan go nuts. His will is to sever our ties with God, so when we get intimate with the Father during worship, we are doing warfare. My favorite way to intercede is through worship. Sometimes I sing, sometimes I just play, sometimes I'm totally quiet...but it's worship to my Savior and I know that we're bringing down strongholds in my life and in the life of my church family when we truly enter into times of worship. Our worship moves the heavenlies!

What drives me absolutely batty is the new abundance of worship songs being released that are fleshly and not totally scriptural. Pop theology has caught on in the worship arena, and I can't stand it when that pop theology is "preached" as Scripture, when it's really not. We go about, Sunday after Sunday, singing this stuff and it's all a bunch of fluff. But that's another discussion for another day....sorry to vent! Thanks for posting your thoughts - keep yielding your sword and harp, brother!
No apology needed about the venting...

I am a youth pastor and one glimpe of hope is our youth worship, yes the songs are more edgy than for the adults, but the meesge is sharp and deep...Will our youth rise up in worship and teach the "adults" something? Is it already happening? Are they the ones handling the sword better?
I think that if we would take a look at such programs and events as Karen Wheaton's The Ramp and The Call we can see that our youth are rising up in worship and warfare in a way that we adults haven't in the past. I know for myself when I see the youth worshipping and warring as they do on these programs, it causes a longing or a jealousy (so to speak) to have what I see in them. I believe that there is definitely a spiritual awaking happening with our youth, a hunger for the presence of God and a reality of God's power, that we can also be a part of. All we have to do is surrender ourselves to the Lord and grab a hold of all He has for us for He is not a respector of persons. What He will give to one He will give to all who ask and are willing.

Worship takes us into the Holy of Holies where we can receive our marching orders from the Lord. Strongholds can be torn down, chains can be broken off and the captives set free as we worship and declare the Word of the Lord in song.
AMEN!! When we worship with scipturally based songs, then we are REALLY wielding that sword..
Great words here about the power of worship but let's not stop there. If we are getting our 'marching orders' as Jerry mentions then lets start marching. Prayer and intercession for our communities and others should be just as important in our lives - corporate and individual. Worship is a response to God working in our lives and it builds an intimate relationship with Him yet He has also commanded us to live according to His word and our beliefs. We have to let our light shine where ever we are and let God draw all men to Himself. Singing songs in a worship time at a church service is only an hour or so out of 168 hours in a week. What are we doing the rest of the time?
Yep, I agree Lorne, we need not stop talking and get busy doing. If the walls are to come down and lives changed for the Lord then we need to get out into the world and shine before all so they are drawn to Christ's love.
You got that in one, Jerry! Amen!
Let's get out & live out worship being one nation under God. Don't let the hate crime bills and laws silence our worship or our biblical teaching. "Don't be conformed to this is your reasonable act of WORSHIP"


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