The Holy Spirit should be the most important teaching in all churches !!!!

Jesus died so that we would recieve the promise of the Father. Our salvation is sealed when we recieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit and are born again, and yet there is so much that is not understood about how God comes to live inside of us.

Why do so many churches ignore this whole subject altogether ?

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Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your comment ! One of the things you are suggesting is that many Christians have not read all the teaching in the New Testament. I encourage all followers of Jesus Christ to study his teachings and the writings of Paul and read Acts and about the early 1st century church. Don't just blindly trust the teachings of your chuch leaders, but study the bible yourself and know what it teaches us. Many are simply ignorant of what the scriptures teach us because they haven't read all of the bible. I encourage everyone to start a home bible study group and study what the word of God says for yourselves. It's only difficult to understand if you don't have the help of the Holy Spirit.
AMEN MICHAEL !! thank you for this topic, I'll be interested to see how many are drawn here to learn about the greatest gift we carry with us RUACH HA KODESH . GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU
I agree with all of this of course. But the point I am trying to make is:...Do we just keep getting filled and then get filled? What is the point of being filled? What is the purpose? When do we turn around and become 'stewards'? If God gives us 'material' wealth...we should be stewards of this wealth to help others. If we find the most valuable thing in all of creation....the greatest wealth of all, should we not also become stewards of this wealth? I venture to ask.... Which is more valuable to the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit does not blow His own horn. The Holy Spirit glorifies the Father and the Son. So...I venture again..that the Holy Spirit...does not want us to say that He is the most important thing in the church.
I also would like to say...that I am not any authority in this. Jesus said He would send a helper...the Holy Spirit. But I do not think He intended us to worship Him, neither does the Holy Spirit want us to worship best as I can understand.
Dear Robert,
We don't worship the Holy Spirit, but we worship God the Father in spirit and in truth just as Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus said only the Father is good and he didn't even consider himself good when the rich young ruler addressed him as good teacher. Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing and he only said what the Father told him to say. Now the Holy Spirit only does what it sees the Father doing and says what the Father tells it to say to us or through us. Please understand that the Holy Spirit has taken the place of Jesus and continues the work that Jesus started 2000 years ago. We christians are the body of Jesus Christ in the world today and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us and each of our body's are the holy temple of the living God. We are ambassadors and represent Jesus and the kingdom of heaven to the world.
Yeah, I must admit there is much that I do not understand.....For instance, How are Abraham, Moses, Issac, Jeremiah etc.....saved? They were befor Jesus, and .....was the Holy Spirit present then? Before Pentacost?
My Dear Robert,
The saints of the Old Testament were given the Law to guide them into God's truth. They had prophets, judges, and priests like Melchizedec, who God spoke through if they would listen. The Spirit of God has always existed from the beginning of time, but on Pentecost it became available to all people, in all places. Every time God spoke thru a prophet it was by his spirit, every thing he has ever done has been by his spirit. Even John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother's womb when Jesus was still in his mother's womb..

God wants that none should perish, so he's always made a way for his children to be saved from eternal death and suffering.
not by might, not by power, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD> JESUS Gives all credit to the spirit, with out the leading of the spirit there is no wisdom or understanding. we need the SPIRIT OF TRUTH to guide us teach us and so on. were lost with out the Spirit.
Hey Brother Jimmy,

You are so right ! Our adversary, the devil, has so corrupted this world and the political, economic and religious systems of all the nations so that the glorious FULL GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST would get lost in the bickering and strife of divisions and factions, false teachings, ignorant belief systems and just plain deception. Many occult and religious practitioners know the truth, but keep it to themselves and hide it from their followers and take the glory that is due to God for themselves. They would seek to become God and trick their followers into a life of sin, confusion, iniquity, selfishness, and deception.

Only through the true teachings of Jesus Christ do we have the TRUTH, WAY AND LIFE that is pleasing to God. That's why Jesus said that nobody comes to the Father except through him. You may find some truth in the world, and you may find a way that seems to work for you, and you may have what you think is a satisfied life, but at some point you're going to come to a crisis where you'll need faith to overcome the hopelessness and dispair this world will throw at you. DOG EAT DOG only seems to work when you're 10 feet tall and bulletproof. When you're broken and hurting and the world has turned against you and you've lost everything that has meaning in your life you are going to need some faith in God to get through the trials and tribulations.
I'll not in any way dispute that teaching about the Holy Spirit gets short shrift in many churches today. That being said, I'd posit that there can be genuine differences among believers as to the manifestations of the Spirit's indwelling. For some, He will manifest Himself as the "still, small voice", and for others there may be fireworks.

Conversely I've seen folks that go off the deep ends at both ends of the spectrum..."You can't be Spirit Filled unless you exhibit XYZ manifestation..." vs. "The Spirit never shows His presence that way anymore..." (be it tongues, or prophecy, or healing, or whatever.) Both of these attitudes limit our view of the Spirit, saying that the Spirit must behave the way we expect Him to.

Getting back to Michael's initial statement, I'd rather say that the most important teaching should be "God loves you enough that He sent both His Son to take your punishment and His Spirit to empower you to live for Him." It needs to be the whole package...
Right on Dan,

You are so correct and I like your point about the 2 extreme points of view when it comes to the subject of the Holy Spirit. I've heard so much stupuid talk about the churches thinking on the " baptism of the Holy Spirit " and the " being filled with the Holy Spirit " and the manefestations that prove that a christian has truly recieved the " indwelling of the Holy Spirit ". Then there are those who live in a dry, dusty traditional world of a christian social club where we do things the way grandpa always did them, and he always said that the Spiritual stuff only happened long ago when all the signs, wonders, healings and miracles used to happen,

The bible says that we should never grieve the Holy Spirit. How do we do that ? By fear, doubt, unbelief, sin, selfishness, hate, anger, jealousy, envy, strife, quarrelling, gossiping, murmmering and complaining, backbiting, pride, vanity, lies, deception, denial, no faith, no prayer, not studing God's word, keeping to ourselves, being miserly, hoarding, hard-heartedness, being judgemental, lustful, sexually immoral, perverted, bitter, serving other Gods, magic, occult, murder, rape, stealing, fighting and every other carnal and worldly pursuit.

The Holy Spirit will never come to live inside of you as long as you keep these kinds of thoughts in your mind or participate in any of these many activities. You can grieve the Spirit you not doing things that you know you should be doing, like bearing the fruits of the Spirit spoken about earlier. A life of sin or separating yourself from the body of other christian believers, not sharing your faith, not helping others who come to your for help; any of these many things will cause the Holy Spirit to draw away from you and keep it's distance. Our salvation is all about changing from who we used to be and becoming more like Jesus in every way. We can't do it on our own and we need the help of the Holy Spirit to change and to quit sinning. I've seen many christians lose their faith and fall back into their old life again. We just can't make it without the help of the Holy Spirit.
I've been dealing with a church that talks about the Holy Spirit, teaches the scriptures about it and discusses how important it is to have it, and yet the pastor keeps all the peoples attention on himself, and they love this guy. The problem is that the spirit never moves in the services, which is reflected in the fact that nobody gets saved, delivered, restored, set free and they don't have people come foreward for prayer. How do you break this kind of a strong hold ? It's having a kind of Godliness, yet lacking the power and anointing that comes with the presence of the Holy Spirit.


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