many churches seem to just turn up, have a band practice and then just play the worship set. but are worship leaders meeting and encouraging, is there much prayer going into the team from the team members themselves or from the church leadership. does the team have a vision which tighly links them and the leadership together being on one page and one which excites the team to truely pursue his presence.

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What do you suggest for a vision? How do you suggest it be communicated? By the way, this seems to be the case for any organization inside our outside the Church - they die without vision.
I've not seen much evidence of it over the years. What I have seen is lack of interest when I've tried to hold such meetings or given vision casting talks. It could be my poor communication skills...but I don't think so...or it may be that I'm trying to pump up something that the greater church leadership doesn't pay much attention to.

But once again, I'm taking time this fall to try and build more common purpose in our team. I think I'll start by asking lots of questions...and listening to the answers.
yeah I think thats good you are doing this. if everyone is passionate about something then its easy. look how easy it is to get woman talking about shopping or men about sports. but i think in the church there are passions in different area's. some are passionate about worship, outreach, teaching etc but i guess we should all have a level of passion towards them all. maybe thats the problem we have just kep to our own I dont know. asking honest questions is a great idea. like why do we just do things but dont talk about making them better? maybe we'll find underneath these questions the state of someones heart. maybe for a long time they have been tired of things or another is feeling fearful of change. so if God works in this by them seeing it through honest questions maybe then they'll return with a new freshness of attitude. what you think?
yeah thats really good. its great everyone knows the vision and everyone is geared towards this. it is something which is refered to often like its what eveyone is reminding each other of and everything out of this?


I'm so happy to hear matured Christians. 

God bless you and the whole worship team.

"The Importance of a Vision for your worship team"

Oh! Yes you must have vision or you can't read the music!

In this country getting the musicians to a band practice seem to be an achievement.

Actually we do practice and we do aim to worship God and lead and enable the congregation to do the same.

David Bull.
It's not the visions that worry me, but the voices I keep hearing. I just realized, they never get older. Is it just me?
Just sharing to you what our vision is for our worship team. We call ourselves INTUNE and a vision is a mental picture of how God has called the team to be. I believe vision is so important not only in your ministry but also in your church even in your own personal lives. As it is written in Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."


…an excellent team that is anointed in Spirit and creative and outstanding in their craft; (Psalm 33:3)
• Overflowing with new songs
• Has the heart of worship
• Modern look, fresh sound
• Always on time for practices/meetings
• We make sure Jesus is always in the team
• Always improving and learning
• Real / Be a worshiper rather than Do (performing) worship on stage

…a joyful team, overflowing with shouts of praise, always celebrating victory in Christ; (Psalm 33:1)
• Never let the devil take your shout away
• Positive team and speaks life (or sings life)

…a selfless team, being the hands and feet of Christ, bringing Faith and Justice to its city; (Isaiah 58:6-9)
• Balances worship with works (i.e. raises funds for outreach and works closely with storehouse ministry projects)

…an influential team that raises the Standard to other worship teams;
• Hosts worship conferences
• Hosts workshops and trainings

…a growing team, and a team that is prospering in all good things;
• Has many teams for main, cebuano, citichamps, wake, Tuesday prayer and youth services
• Blessed in spirit, soul and body

Vision is like our roadmap. It clearly defines us, where we are going and what activities we need to do to support this vision. Before the vision was birthed, our team was on the verge of drying up, with no purpose and sense of direction. We were just there on Sundays for the sake of playing and worship was really bland. I was frustrated, weary and discouraged. I felt like giving up and walking away (which should be easy since I was only a volunteer) but I knew I was called in this ministry and I was sure God had bigger plans than what I'm seeing with my own eyes.

We were desperate. Little did we know God was injecting bits and pieces of the vision in one of our leader's mind and heart of how He was calling this team to be. We just had to write it down in black and white. And so we did. From then on, God has added more quality people in the team, God-given ideas sprang forth on how we can improve the team more, so on and so forth. He is so good! We're not perfect yet but I know He is faithful and just to complete the work He began in us.
All this talk of visions - I'm amazed at what some people are able to lay down and accomplish. We barely have enough time to pull the worship sessions off.
Time or desire? For myself I seem to find time for what I desire.

Very well spoken, by the heavens I am really impressed! Thank you so much for all of the hard work in your worship for The Lord. My family thanks you for everything that you are doing with every breath.
I would be honored to perform with you at your church, just invite me sometime and don't be shy!


Prince Michael


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