Justin posted this some time back "I would also go back and look at your worship binder and pull out some old songs that everybody loves... Update them and put them back in your normal rotation you'd be surprised how people will respond to that."

I was wondering, what are the oldies-but-goodies that you use in your church? I'm leading worship at a church where the pastor has discerned the Word of the year to be Psalm 3:3, so I brushed the dust off A Shield About Me (written in 1980) and used it.

How about you?

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Take Me In has regained some popularity since Kutless covered it.
What I find interesting is using a song form the Jesus Movement era with the post modern generation and seeing how they relate to it. Usually it is well recieved and sung with gusto. The thing with post moderns is that whatever you use had better be genuine, old or new, they can see through things very fast. So if I try to be too cool for a 53 yr old, they see it right away. So I've given up trying to be hip but I'll always be an old hippie!
Just a couple of days ago, my brother (as in we have the same parents) reminded me of the song "Praise to The Lord". Part of the lyrics are:

In the battles, Lord, you are my peace
When I'm broken, Lord, you are my strength
You're my love, you're my life
You're my joy, my song in the night
How I marvel at your mercy and I sing

I love this song! :)


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