It started out as a Timmy pedal discussion and has gone through some enjoyable phases of discussion. I thought I'd continue this as a general overdrive thread so as to un-bury it in case others want to chime in.

Timmy isn't moving off my list - ever. Great overdrive. 

I just got into boosters - they take me into that territory that I've alway tried to get from overdrives. I call it desperate Tom Petty tone. I tried the EP booster by Xotic, but decided it wasn't quite the ticket. So I returned it for the Fulltone Fat Boost.

I like the Fulltone Fat Boost. It gets into some really nice crunchy grind and is very good at coaxing your amp into hair and drive. It also works well as a clean boost for acoustic guitar if you want to move from strumming to finger picking. It's very quiet for what it is and the decay is very un-fizzy and tight. Pretty cool pedal. 

So when it's all said and done, I'll end up with the Timmy, Fat Boost and Nocturne Atomic Brain. The Brain is designed to reproduce the Roland Space Echo preamp. Great tone for Gretsch guitars. 

What do you like? Golden Cello? Zen Drive? Fuzz? Fulltone OCD?

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Yea, very true. "Lower Quality" implies, "not so high fidelity". Frankly, electric guitars are not "high fidelity". The frequency spectrum we operate in is very narrow and a lot of the tone we're after is not very demanding from a "high fidelity"perspective. In fact, we prize behaviour that may not be desirable for the audiophile. (IE, smooth overdrive that kicks in early etc.) I put this one "super high quality" chip in a pedal once and it was awful. 

And yes, I heard once that the old speakers that went into a lot of the Fender amps of the day were actually cheapo speakers - and they looked it. 

But I will defend a decent CTS pot for guitar volume vs. the junk that came in my Ibanez AR300. They were terrible. And I'm not quite sure why they had to be so bad. The taper was very short - only worked in 70% of the sweep range and seemed to filter out all the highs. Also very noisy.

That's quite cool. Quieting down a compressor is always a worthy goal.

Saw the Fulltone OCD mentioned here.  Thought I'd put in my two cents and plug the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet.  It's got the perfect balance warmth and grittiness and it's got plenty of boost for when you need to cut through the mix.  If you're a fan of the OCD I'm pretty sure you'll love the Fulldrive 2.  And no, I don't work for Fulltone. :)

I had that pedal for a little while. I was impressed. It really has a quality tone and lots of nice textures. I traded it back in because I was after a booster for my Gretsch with a little more latitude in the boost range.

Thanks for writing!

Oh happy memories.

I used to use a coloursound Tonebender fuzz, bought used in the mid 70s, and would often pair it with a Jen Crybaby (still have both) either as full on wah, or cocked about 2/3 forward as a mids boost. The fuzz was an overdrive type, and set to almost minimum fuzz, allowed me to get an overdriven tone without killing people from sheer volume with my AC30.

The Dano cool cat fuzz isn't bad, with a dose of analogue delay.

Sounds like a muff-style circuit. For me, fuzz sounds best when it tends toward overdrive like my coloursound fuzz, rather than being splatty or sludgy. But congrats on getting life into your Frankenstein project while dodging the lightening strikes. ;-)


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