I have noticed many members have put the Psalms to music. I suggest we share our inspirations & see how many of the Psalms we have to listen to.

A Collection of PSALMS.

If you are unable to post your songs to the discussion, share them on your profile & add each Psalm as a reply to the discussion.

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Psalm 139 - Lord You have searched my heart & You know me.


Psalm 113 - Praise O Servants of The Lord


Psalm 46 - God is my strength & my refuge

Posted on my profile

Psalm 31:14 You are My God

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Psalm 63 - Thirsty (This song is like 16 years old, but...)


I absolutely love your work.  Nicely done.  I have a Psalm 139 song, but I can't find the recording at the moment.  I'll post it tonight or so when I get home.

Des Sharp said:

Psalm 139 - Lord You have searched my heart & You know me.

Psalm 136 - Give thanks to the God of heaven, His love endures forever!


Psalm 139 - Everywhere


Psalm writing (as well as other Scripture paraphrase) is something I have done quite a lot of (most of my songs are from the Psalms/New Testament paraphrase, and almost half of all the songs I have written are from Psalm 119 alone!).

I don't expect everyone to listen to all of these, but here are my Psalm links (very wide array of quality demos).

Psalm 119 playlist (19 songs, 3 more to finish the Psalm!): https://soundcloud.com/bryanjemerson/sets/onenineteen

Psalm 103: https://soundcloud.com/bryanjemerson/with-every-breath

Psalm 143: https://soundcloud.com/bryanjemerson/03-to-do-your-will


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