I read 'The Shack' over the Summer and absolutely loved it! Have any of you read it? What are your thoughts on the book?

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Hi Phil! I read the book about 3 months ago and I loved it too! The book gave me a totally different perspective on God. Yes, I saw myself in Mac. I used to think that God would do things and say things the way we humans would do as humans. William P Young takes a reader to a much higher level of understanding about God's love for us. Forgiveness is essential and necessary as we continue to live our lives here on earth. It also gave me a clearer view of the Trinity. I remember after reading the book, I had an amazing sense of PEACE and clarity on how God relates to us. I am more aware about my purpose here as I live my life with the people He surrounds me with.
The Shack is one of my new all time favorites. It really gave me a deeper understanding of my relationship with God. It also addresses the problem of pain, the Trinity and other theological subjects in a very clear and simple fashion. I think every Christian should read it.
I just finished reading The Shack. What a truly amazing book. It was recommended to me by my agnostic friend. He said it changed his life and that he now is a believer! The amazing thing about this book is that it painted a picture that was everything I had been telling my friend. I've also heard some of the criticism of this book...once again, either people didn't read the book or just totally missed the point...
Phil, a great book. I am now encouraging my family to read it. I need more than one copy. My youngest daughter read it in 1 day, and she is now hooked. She has even it would seem, convinced her boy firend who lives in Texas with his family and is a non believer, that he should read it.
Such an easy book to read, even with all the challengees and hope that it provides.
I would certainly recommend it to anyone.


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