There are some songs I dislike so much I get up early so I can dislike them for even longer....

OK folks, this is just for fun, so play nice and please observe the rules of WTR.

I just want to give us all a chance to publically confess which of the much loved and well sung songs there are, that just don't hit the spot for us.

Please no complex semantic debates or theological arguments, just songs that make us want to gnaw our own leg off in preference to hearing or singing them again....

No criticism or slagging folk off allowed, just lets have a laugh.........

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Oh boy... do I have a long list of these! (lol)
I'll just a name a few that are in my top 20 of songs that temporarily tempt me to blow out my ear drums.

1. When I Think About the Lord [James Huey]
I'd say I can't stand this song for a couple of reasons. One is that it is just a bunch of endless nearly identical musical phrases within the same syllabic repetitions... All those little three or four word sentences one right after another. The first time my pastor chose that song I got a headache for real. I think a few 1 measure breaks thrown in that song could do wonders... lol

2. Awesome God [Rich Mullins] (full version)
Any praise song with the lyrics "puttin' on the ritz" just, well, there's no words to describe such a poetic atrocity, other than a poetic atrocity, which I still don't think expresses the true horror of that phrase in a praise song. The only way I'd sing that song at church is if I were at a youth club comedy night or something and I could sing that line sung the way it was from Young Frankenstein. poooouuuuaaaiiiioooooottttin ooooaaaaoooaoaaaaoon the rrrrriiiiiiiiieeeeaaattttzzzz. lol

3. He Ran to me (author unknown).
I can't remember who wrote this song, or where it came from, or why. But it is forever stuck in my head because the two teenage boys who sang it at my old church could not sing in tune if their lives depended on it... (both of them were right smack in the middle of their voices changing as well, which only added to the torment).

4. From a Distance [Julie Gold]
Not that this is a praise song, but I did attend a church where they used to sing it!. This song has forever reinforced my biased opinion that the stereotypical electronic keyboard sound should just cease to exist.

5. Invincible God [Martha... I can't pronounce her last name let alone spell it! lol]
At first I thought the original chorus melody was quite catchy (within Martha's style of gospel music), but as the song progressed into one pointless modulation to another... I found it irritating, and even on the ccli tv video you could see people in the congregation looking bewildered, with "what?" expressions on their face like they had no idea where this song was going, or even how to sing it. Lyrically, it has similar issues as "When I think About the Lord" as far as lots of repetitions of short little phrases. Something I can't stand in a song.

6. I Can Only Imagine. [Bart Milard]
I actually think this is a beautiful song. But seriously, every time I hear praise teams try it in church, it's an absolute mess. This song has way to big of a range for most good singers, let alone a congregation. This is a song, that is better left to the professionals, and people alone in their cars and showers to sing.
One way I have made the songs different is I never do the songs the same way twice, and I LOVE key changes...always interesting...ha!
what's a desert song?
I think there are more reasons to hate that song than bad bass lines! It doesn't matter how you try to spruce it up, that melody induces persistent vegetative states. And the chorus? Please. And the people that love to use this song also love to repeat that stinkin' chorus over and over and over and over and...well you get the picture. ;)
That's called soaking.
Our bass player does it correctly. :-)
We have no bass player so when we do this song I do the thirds on the guitar which is a hoot while I'm leading. Though we are amplified it is a definite "unplugged" sound and it works okay. I think the main issue is that the thirds are there.
That bass is quite simple. What's wrong with those guys? haha
funny thread-
I try my hardest to just remember how good/ powerful the meaning of a song is when it starts to grate on me- and I keep in mind the "glory" days of when the song was fresh for me- but anyhow, I will never ever sing "I could sing of your love forever" again, same with "Shine Jesus Shine".
I think I can handle most anything though.
Shine Jesus Shine....OMG.....If I ever hear that again it will be too soon! We sang that to death at our old church! Same with "As the Deer" ..... ugh......
Another one of those "cringe" songs from the infomercials is "Celebrate Jesus Celebrate." I regret, at one church I used to play at we did a "traditional" service, which was actually more of a music from Marantha instead of Hillsong service lol but they did that song a TON, and I had to learn that awful piano part to said song.
Ha! Try the drum beat for that song! Halfway thru, I was tired!! Especially since we played it know, where you fit in 8 high-hat beats per measure. Sheeesh...don't ever want to play this song again. =)


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