There are some songs I dislike so much I get up early so I can dislike them for even longer....

OK folks, this is just for fun, so play nice and please observe the rules of WTR.

I just want to give us all a chance to publically confess which of the much loved and well sung songs there are, that just don't hit the spot for us.

Please no complex semantic debates or theological arguments, just songs that make us want to gnaw our own leg off in preference to hearing or singing them again....

No criticism or slagging folk off allowed, just lets have a laugh.........

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I LOVE to rock the bass line on this song...make it a Gospel groove!! :o)
Shine Jesus Shine is one of mine too. I even had to sing it in spanish. noooooooo....................
oh my!
I'm with you on Shine Jesus Shine! Since I have the power of life and death over our song schedule, I promptly nixed that one!
I must say, I really dislike "Days of Elijah" - now I know there is no God like Jehovah, but must we sing it so many times in a row?
With you there. Luckily, we do "Who was and who is..." instead of the "no God like Jehovah" part, which sooths the part of me that thinks Jehovah is a really bad pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (Yahweh). The chorus, I do have to say rocks, the verse melody irks me bad though.
Mine is I Can Only Imagine. I used to like this song, but one year we did a Halloween event for the kids at our church called The Odyssey--it was like a haunted house, only with scenes from the Bible instead of monsters. Anyway, the last scene was Heaven, and I was the angel in charge of handing out candy, which meant I hovered in the doorway while I Can Only Imagine played no less than 500 times. Can't stand the song now.
Mike, please excuse my old age ignorance but what does ROTFLMFAO mean ?
O yeah and I'm with you on the 'all things are possible' bit....
I've seen that before-- it means "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Flipping Ankles Off" --
I think-- at least I can't think of it being anything else--


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