There are some songs I dislike so much I get up early so I can dislike them for even longer....

OK folks, this is just for fun, so play nice and please observe the rules of WTR.

I just want to give us all a chance to publically confess which of the much loved and well sung songs there are, that just don't hit the spot for us.

Please no complex semantic debates or theological arguments, just songs that make us want to gnaw our own leg off in preference to hearing or singing them again....

No criticism or slagging folk off allowed, just lets have a laugh.........

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Hi Phil, how's the weasel famine!?

I find 'Thank you Jesus' very tedious, it just goes on and variation between verse and chorus. Thing is, the congregation always love it and aren't ready to finish when I am, so I have to go round the chorus (or is it the verse) another couple of times. Argh....
Hi Bet, I like some of the songs you mentioned, but will never see them in the same light again : ) Had to laugh at your interpretations of the song titles - a thought for another discussion perhaps......
"'Let My Words Be Few' - If that's how you feel, why don't you skip it and let your words be none?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! AND it tries to squeeze a few more in the second verse! I like that song, but I almost laugh aloud when I think about it too much. Though according to Kim Walker-Smith and the folks at JesusCulture that's ok...
Seriously you don't like "Above All" because of the Crucified thing? I guess I get that a little, but that can be better appreciated with a shift in application - using it for communion Sundays or Good Friday, sermons focused on sacrifice, etc. It's a baby/bathwater thing. But, hey I get your desire to focus on the Resurrection. Gotta have a crucifixion for that to happen though.
- Heart of Worship - You're so right.
- Open the Eyes - there's a scripture that talks about that...
Here's one I actually do like but don't because it sounds unfinished from start to finish......
...........Let It Rain
...........Let It Rain
...........Open the Flood gates of heaven
and it all repeats over and over again until you finally stop.
ah, that's a great song... ;-D
just flow it into another song :)
I have the hardest time with the march beat type songs. I do them only on request!
Ever heard of "History Maker"? "I'm gonna be a history maker in this land"... Umm... who cares? That song has to be at the top of my list of songs I'd rather never sing/hear again!
Try putting the bass line from "I was made for Loving You" by Kiss to it. I probably just became a complete reprobate to a lot of people, but it morphs it into a very high energy worship song for teens.
I think what's too bad is that songs with great words have to get old...but they do. Big time.

Here's my list:

- Shout To The Lord (why wasn't this on the list elsewhere? or did I miss it?)
- Lord I Give You My Heart
- Trading My Sorrows
- Days Of Elijah
- Enough (i.e. I've had Enough of this song)
- Forever (another Chris Tomlin gem that's been way overdone)
We have an older gentleman who refers to some songs as 711 songs - seven words sung eleven times. I agree, I don't like those type of songs that tend to repeat little phrases over and over. I much prefer songs that have quality content to them as well as catchy tunes which are easy to learn.


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