There are some songs I dislike so much I get up early so I can dislike them for even longer....

OK folks, this is just for fun, so play nice and please observe the rules of WTR.

I just want to give us all a chance to publically confess which of the much loved and well sung songs there are, that just don't hit the spot for us.

Please no complex semantic debates or theological arguments, just songs that make us want to gnaw our own leg off in preference to hearing or singing them again....

No criticism or slagging folk off allowed, just lets have a laugh.........

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Come.. come... come... oh come.. come... n come...

oh come...

n COME :)))
We just did that song last Sunday for the first time in like three years. I actually enjoyed it again. The secret for me is picking up the tempo a bit and playing it with a solid groove. Think of The Rembrandts, "That's Just the Way It Is" and make it feel like that. Makes all the difference to me :)
wow, I really like this song.....
Brian Deorkson is one of my favourite writers.
Never thought I would see one of his songs here.
agree - it has deep meaning relating to worship (how we come, how God receives us, how we should go out) - again don't over-sing any song.
Ha! We like this.
Ok folks I think this has run it's course. Thanks for your input.

God Bless

Thought it may be worth re-opening this discussion - there's gotta be some more stuff out there :o)
This is not one I've heard sung in church but it was played on the radio at least a couple times a day EVERY DAY for weeks on end...not exaggerating...when we lived in MN. The song was "Dead Man" ~ "I'm just a dead man laying on the carpet, can't find a heartbeat..." I CAN NOT stand that song! Every time it would come on the radio I'd turn the volume down.

This is an oldie but this song is also on my "do not sing" list "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus"
I think many of us get tired of songs, long before people in the congregation do. Some of them have to be retired, or just put away for a season.

Some of my 'unfavorites' -

'Above all' - we have just started singing this and I can't get into it. The chorus cries 'Crucified' when we should remember He was resurrected.

'Shout to the Lord' - when is a shout not a shout? When it's 'Shout to the Lord', played at a dirge-like tempo. Besides, it's way too rangy.

Lots of the Hebrew-flavored minor songs, especially when done halfheartedly in the local church. You know who you are, cough*Paul Wilbur*cough. Awesome God I put in this category, EXCEPT for the version done by Kirk Franklin (He Reigns - ).

'Days of Elijah' - I actually liked this song the first time I heard it, but it quickly grated.

'Heart of Worship' - Musician navel-gazing. Better to lead people in worship than to agonize over why you're not doing it.

'Let My Words Be Few' - If that's how you feel, why don't you skip it and let your words be none?

'Open the Eyes of My Heart' - Nice chorus, but where exactly are the eyes of my heart??? Too easy to imagine a cute 'lil heart with great big puppy-dog eyes...

And don't even go into all the 'boyfriend' lyrics, 'me, me, me' songs, or those with shaky theology...

Feeling better already! Could we do a Christmas version of this, when the time rolls around?
I hope Paul Wilbur is a mate of yours....


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