It's been a while since I've been on here...but I figured, if anyone will know the answer, you guys would!! So, I need an Android app for worship leading. I can't seem to find anything out there! I need something that will let me type in my lyrics, like Word, but that I can move those around without having to copy and paste every.single.time. Kind of like tiles. Ppt doesn't quite do it, because it's copy and paste all over again. I'm wanting to use it on my TMobile SpringBoard Tablet. Any suggestions??? Or, can one of you awesome ppl just go ahead and make one?? :) Thanks!

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Don’t know if this helps you today, but OnSong, one of the most savvy apps in existence for worship leaders and musicians alike is coming out with an Android version this summer. OnSong is worth checking out for sure. You can download lyrics with chord sheets into the OnSong app and use it in worship leading/performing/playing/singing. Here’s the link:

Until then you can try ChordPro Buddy which is a MAC/PC software app, that you can create your songs in and save out to a .pdf, word.doc or text file onto your Android, I believe. Here’s the link:

Have a blessed day!!

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