They sung what? Funny things people have sung - or so we think!

It is Friday, and the last day of school for many in the UK.  Holidays are just around the corner.  So time for a bit of light hearted relief.


I was thinking of the thing we sing and how often they can sound odd or funny, especially if you don't know them.  indeed i recall seeing a song from Spring Harvest being relayed to Songs of Praise (a TV prorgamme in the UK) and the subtitles were obviously put on by someone who had no idea of the song and just put down what they heard.   If you u-tube Songs of Praise (with subtitles) you get the idea. 


Here (or perhaps it should be hear!) some examples I have directly had:


A song by Russ Hughes - God is good, known by some as 'the freezer song' as the chorus goes 'thank you, thank you Jesus, the love you bring it comes in freezers (should be comes and frees us)


The badminton table song (Kevin Prosch) - He took me to his badminton table.... (banqueting table)


I get so excited Lord every time I realise I'm a gibbon.... (from a song by Mick Ray)


Come on and cellotape, cellotape, cellotape and string... (from Celebrate by Trish Morgan of Heartbeat fame)


So make us chuckle with your funnies that you have heard, or even sung in mistake!   


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Ah ha ha ha. There was this joke about a young monk who went to live in the monastery where they created copies of copies of the "ancient texts". He took the young monk down into the cellar and showed him "the door" - "That's where the originals are. We never touch them..." said the old man. "But don't you ever wonder if we're making mistakes?" said the young commit. "No my son, we have been meticulous, that's not likely." Later that evening, the headmaster was seen heading down into the cellar under the light of his lantern. He was soon heard wailing, "It said celebrate, celebrate..!"


Way orsum.
I got a copy of a song where it was supposed to be "He set the captives free" but instead it said "He set the captain free"...because I don't normally sing, I didn't notice until our lead singer pointed it out, thankfully.
Coming from a village called Torrance you can imagine what the local kids do to the line from Mr Noah built an ark, which goes 'Down came the rain in torrents.'
I wrote a song called "Let Us Come" -- but I always make the singers separate the first three words, because otherwise it comes out "lettuce scum":)

Better is one day in your coats  (Courts)  Chris Tomlin


A few years ago a local Church had the following misprint in the Christmas hymn sheet: 

                                                 with the oven standing by    (Once in Royal Davids City, Henry John Gauntlett)


Don't even get me going on careless enunciation -- how many times have we heard, "I one shoe, Cheeses!"
....... and 'Com, now is the time to worship'.



I remember my dad saying he thought 'to gaze...............' was 'two gays'!

We mustn't miss that great old hymn/carnival act:  "Gladly, the cross-eyed bear":)

There is a traditional hymn that seems to support evolution...


God is working His porpoise out as year succeeds to year.


And we now know what hymn Jesus and the disciples sang after the last supper...


Come, now is the time to wash up!

I am afraid of God...I am afraid of God....He calls me Fred


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