As a worship leader, I hear a song and tend to judge it along the lines of is it just a good song, or would it actually be effective in a corporate worship service. While I like the recently popular song “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)”, I never thought of it as a great corporate worship option. Then I was in a service today where the song was part of a great worship set and great atmosphere. The song helped me to refocus a bit and remind me that I need to keep my eyes on Him, looking to where my help comes from. Not being distracted by the junk around me that fights so hard to steal my attention. It’s so easy to live in fear and worry. There’s plenty of it ready to put any of us in that place. But when I’m surrounded by His presence, focused on Him, and letting Him walk though it with me... I can let His peace rush in and push away any fear, doubt, worry and all of those other things that didn’t come from the Lord to begin with.

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We did Better Is One Day on Sunday. An older song but mostly unfamiliar to the congregation, and to the band. We've not been rehearsing during the week and just throwing things together Sunday morning, and I still really don't know how it was received. I just plugged the Gibson straight into the amp and jangled away, and as we played, it just ceased to matter whether anyone LIKED it or not. It was a very calming experience up front, something that happens to me far too seldom.

Love that song! When we really get into His presence, nothing else seems to matter. We all need that more often!

Context. It worked for the guitarist. Unclear if it worked for anyone else. As a church have some challenging transitions ahead as well. To guide us through the retirement of a beloved long term senior pastor and selection of a new pastor we've engaged an interim pastoral ministry to help us clarify some of our mess so we don't dump trash on the new guy on the first day. It has brought out some of my own conflicts as well such as: Is the electric guitarist just a tool to support worship by staying out of the way or in fact does he worship by and with his talent? Does the custodian have a ministry in his own right, or just support people who have "real" ministries? I've received patronizing answers to both. I already know why I do these things, but it's helpful to have a simple moment of clarity during worship that worship is in fact what I'm doing.


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