Hi folks. Not been on here for a long time. Here's a song I wrote called 'This Is Love'. This is how we love like God....

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks


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Rick, your song is really good. Great lyric, very strong & inspirational message.


Thanks Des.


In a day and age of what can be songs filled with I/me (self focused), I want, I need, give me songs,  I like that it is a we song - we are the church.  I like that the message is outwardly focused on how we are to love the world.  Love in Action.  Eyes off our own needs and wants but on others needs and wants.  How we should walk and find our great commission in the world we live and where God calls us.

It is a simple melody and chords so it could be sung in a group easily. the chords need to be raised for group singing thought. Too low for even an alto to sing the lowest note comfortably and singing the octave higher than you could be too high for some; C to shining C is usually the best guideline range for a group to sing in. 

Thanks for sharing.  I know this will be a blessing to many encouraging them out of their world and into the world of God's mission of Love

Thanks for your feedback Alicia

Alicia, great feedback. encouraging word.

Although there are a few slightly awkward syllable choices in the verses, I really like the song. Very simple and clear message. Good job!!

Thanks Benjamin


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