This post is an encouragement to use your gifts wherever you are. I just returned from a 5-week mission trip to Mozambique, southern Africa. (see I didn't take along a guitar, as I had too much gear as it was. Besides, I figured there was little I could do as far as contributing to African worship music.


But while I was there I located a semi-decent guitar in a shop and bought it - the purpose was to train local musicians so that they can use guitar in the rural churches - at the moment it's all drums and clapping. (see photo below)


When I found the guitar in this little shop next to the grocery store, it was all wrapped up in paper, never been played. So I tuned it, asked for a pick, and then sat on the floor and jammed for about 5 minutes. When I was done, I looked up to find the store jammed with people, with more lined up outside straining to hear. As I paid for the guitar, the owner shook his head and said, "In the 6 or 7 years that I've been bringing guitars into this country, nobody has ever come in and actually played one properly. You're the first."


So...I'm no great guitar player; my appreciation of Lincoln Brewster's fingering skills borders on envy. But the moral of the story is that somewhere in this world, even our smallest talent can be greatly used by the Lord.


The guitar is waiting for me back in Mozambique, and I already have a student name Fanni lined up and waiting for lessons (we just need to find some money and buy him his own guitar). I return there in August.


The discussion topic is this: Where has your "light" found opportunity to shine?

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Wow! What a great story, Rick!
Thanks, Al. Give us one of yours...I'm sure you've got some!


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