Greetings, all.  My first post after discovering this forum.  I used to hang out at The Worship Forum, which, unfortunately, has folded.  Very little traffic.  Doesn't seem to be too much here, either, but we'll see how it goes.  Clearly there is interest - witness the multi-hundred page mega thread on The Gear Page ( ), but the dedicated P&W forums I've found have all been pretty lightly attended. I digress.

Anyway - our set this past Sunday:

Song of Deliverance - Zak Williams  Played as an opener, outside the worship set.  So much fun to play - I can play just enough slide to fake it.  ; )

Unstoppable God - Elevation Worship

Yes I Am - Vertical Worship

Good Good Father - Tomblin

Forever (We Sing Hallelujah) - Jobe

What did everybody else do this past week, or, what's coming up this Sunday?

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Hey Scott! Standalone forums like this one have lost a lot of traffic in recent years as most people seem to just use Facebook groups. We'd love to see traffic revitalized here! Hopefully you can help!

Nice set list. Thanks for sharing! I don't have one to share at the moment as I'm not currently leading every week. I will be in a couple weeks and will post then. :) Welcome to WTR!

Yeah, I'm afraid that you'll find traffic here is mighty slow as well, but as one of the people who tries to jump in whenever there is a thread, here's what we have planned for 11/25.  Note that our music is spread throughout the service, rather than a big block of music at the start...

opening set: Come Now Is The Time, Alive;
children's time: Children's Ensemble singing (will need a mic);
before scripture/sermon: Your Faithfulness;
after scripture/sermon: It Was Finished;
offering: Our Lullaby (?)
communion: Still
outro: Walk Out Into the World

"Alive" is by David Olson (CCLI 5166415).  I'm not involved with the children's ensemble at all, but I include them in our setlist because we have to put up a mic for them.  "Your Faithfulness" and "Walk Out Into the World" are songs I wrote, and "Still" was written by a guy I connected with years ago on a worship mailing list.  (He is now a rather militant atheist, but he gave me permission to continue using the song, and it's a nice song).  "Our Lullaby" is by about nine different people (CCLI 7050943) and it's one we did once last year as an offering special, but I'm not sure if it would work out as a congregational song for us.  "It Was Finished" (CCLI 7001314) is by some Torwalts, it's really more of an Easter / Pentecost song, but we've been using it regularly.  The offering and communion songs are the band only, everything else includes the congregation.

Last week's offering song was "Pass It On" in memory of Kurt Kaiser, who passed away recently.


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