Ok, I've recently started checking out the P+W of a church that streams it's services. It's a large church. One thing I've noticed is that regardless of whether they play an instrument, they all appear to use mic stands when singing.

So, I thought I'd ask to see what other churches are doing. Typically at our church a lead vocalist w/o an instrument holds the mic. But upon noticing this other church, I realized using a mic stand could be viewed as an outward sign of humility...that perhaps holding the mic can confer some form of status to the singer.

Just thought it would be good to hear some other perspectives. Have a blessed day!

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The Band of the Dancing Horns...just too funny. Thanks, Daniel, I needed that this morning!
LOL! :o)
Al, those scarves...you mean you don't wear them around your neck and once they're all sweaty throw them to the crowds? ;) Ah, reminds me of the Elvis concerts...
Depending on the quality of the microphones used, there could be an issue with noise when handling the mics that would come through in the stream, other than that, I would say that it should be down to the comfort of the vocalist. If they tend to move around when singing, it could be more practical to hold the mic while singing. I wouldn't read too much into it.
At our church, because the team is still learning mic technique, etc., we use stands. I use a stand because I switch between keys and guitar. But it works better to keep them singing in close than to have them move the mic in and out as is necessary with holding. The pastor uses a lav. The worship leaders and readers hold mics.
I don't look at it as a pride vs humility issue. We have mic stands and were using them at first (still use them to hold the mics after we're done) but most of the singers hold the mic. Reason: We move a lot as we worship and sing. If we're holding the mic, it's moving with us. If I'm not, next thing I know I'm a few inches to the left or right of the mic.


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