I am trying to get more serious about timing in my worship leading. I know many finger picking styles and am working on which work with which time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 6/8,...etc). This is easy with old hymns but the great majority of the songs I use do not provide a time signature. Any one know of a source for this information for contemporary worship music?  Also, I  downloaded a free metronome program. I haven't used it yet. How do I know what speed to set it to? 

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 Stevo, thanks for the encouragement! Where I am playing is the local Cadence Hospitality House. Not only are the other members of the ensemble  attend the same chapel but also most of the attendees. One of the ensemble is the worship leader at that chapel. Other attendees are singers on that worship team. And he most often uses songs that the team just practiced for the night before. So on the occasion that he leads, the coordination is usually pretty good. His job prevents him from committing to lead most of the time.

 It seems the best thing I can do is find someone to play the djembe that can commit to coming early for practice. Thanks for that advise.

Good times mate. Hope it works out well for you! Also, that Guild 12 string looks smashing - those are wonderful instruments.


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