Ok, this one isn't restricted to worship leaders, although i'm sure you've all seen other people lead worship and you've found some things they do that made you cringe!

What are your top 10 christian things that make you cringe? This might be about the person on the welcome desk, the preacher, the person introducing the service, the worship leader, the PA desk manager, someone in the congregation, the building style, the books you sing from, the hairstyles etc...

Some examples might be:

- Hairgel worn by the youth band members!
- Rainbow guitar straps
- Sandals
- Hugs :-)
- etc

I'll compile the replies to create a bigger list - who know I might be able to make another 101 list!

Disclaimer: This is intended to be fun discussion so please enjoy yourselves and have fun :-)

I've now published the replies to this discussion and compiled a list of 101 Christian Things That Make You Cringe!

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Proclaiming: "We are redeemed by the shed blood of the Risen Lamb", and similar such statement made around non-believers who are confused about our bizarre goat-sacrifice rituals! :) i love the theology and doctrine behind the words, but this type of "Christian-ese" really pushes folks away. in my opinion, we can say the same thing but with words that will effectively communicate our message of Christ's sacrifice and God's love with inclusonary and embracign language. Stay blessable!
Couldn't agree more! When I was in my first christian rock band back in the '70's my old mentor, Cliff Bregdahl used to make us do 'testimony practice' to an empty hall. He would keep stopping us every time we used 'christian jargon' and ask us to explain what we meant in plain english! This not only stopped us confusing our audience but it made us think much harder about our own faith!
Love that! Makes me reflect on my own way of speaking about my faith.
Ooooh, I got one! When people have something they want to share with the congregation, and they keep repeating the same word every other word.

"My brothers, amen, I want to share, amen, something that happened to me, amen, last weekend, amen."

I think it's the nerves?

lol...I cringe cause...it's happened to me! (Someone recorded it and I heard it played back.)

This sort of thing should be addressed first of all to your pastors, then with their permission if its given to go ahead, then of course its allowed. Problem is with some people they like a bit of the lime light. I'm glad I go to a church were we don't get this sort of thing going on.
I agree...words such as 'amen' and 'Father God' are the Christian 'uhh'...LOL
Father God...oh the next time I hear that in that context. It's the "I don't have a phrase to fill this space phrase".
Xmas hymns done by worship leaders who think that you can make anything "contemporary" by adding drums and cranking the tempo. See Reliant K's Xmas album *cringe*
The idea worship, it should be led by the spirit, (can we have Christmas as a word instead of Xmas) You mean Christmas Carols don't you ?? Our worship TEAM is backed by trumpets, sometime a sax, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitars, violin. I hate this American swaying by the singers, and a few seperate singers with mics, some folk are doing their thing and others are doing their kind of thing. I'm glad I was only a visitor to this type of church.
X is a perfectly legitimate expression for Christ. It was developed by Christians shortly after Christ, not by marketers as many think.
I'm glad I'm among friends. To further bolster your case, in the ancient world, the less letters you were know by, the better. If you always had to refer to him as "Jesus of Nazareth" or "Jesus Christ" then he must not be very famous. Going by just the letter "X" in Greek shows that he is so renown that no other can be referred to by that letter.

Also "holiday" comes from the combining of "holy" and "day" so let's back off the controversy there, too!
Etymology is fun. Sadly, it is a lost art. So we have people going around grumbling about X-mas, when really, they are grumbling with sheer irony. haha!


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