Ok, this one isn't restricted to worship leaders, although i'm sure you've all seen other people lead worship and you've found some things they do that made you cringe!

What are your top 10 christian things that make you cringe? This might be about the person on the welcome desk, the preacher, the person introducing the service, the worship leader, the PA desk manager, someone in the congregation, the building style, the books you sing from, the hairstyles etc...

Some examples might be:

- Hairgel worn by the youth band members!
- Rainbow guitar straps
- Sandals
- Hugs :-)
- etc

I'll compile the replies to create a bigger list - who know I might be able to make another 101 list!

Disclaimer: This is intended to be fun discussion so please enjoy yourselves and have fun :-)

I've now published the replies to this discussion and compiled a list of 101 Christian Things That Make You Cringe!

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Corollary: People who show a disdain for any form of musical education (learning to read, for instance) by bringing up some aunt or nephew who just got all their talent from the Lord in one big Whonko anointing moment.
Or musician's who don't practice because "it is just church!"
There should be! I strongly dislike when it goes off during the altar time. Everyone's all reflective and medititave, and then you get someone who left their ringer on...to the tune of "Flight of the Bumblebee".

hahaha - nooooooooooooooooo.
and it's the preacher!.... :-)))

Only allowed if the phone is 'Pray as you Go'! Or if the phone call does happen to be from God!!!

People who are late to everything related to church --- music practice, bible study, sunday school, the worship service --- but would never be late to their job because they would get fired.
I think Cliques should be seen as a strength and not a weakness. People will always band together by whatever they have in common.

It is when you find clique wars that we have a problem - and while that may happen more often than not - I don't think the problem is the "clique".
Top ten lists make me cringe.
Tambourines. I'm pretty sure that Christians are the only ones who use those things outside of the rare kit appearance and White Zombie.

The insistence that one form of music is more worshipful or holy than another form of music (contemporary vs traditional).

Greeting time DURING the church service.
I find there to be two types of tambourines:
Clean -- played by a musician.
Unclean -- played by the rhythmically hopeful.
People who think that abstinence from alcohol is Godly and Biblical.

People who try to use Biblical texts as a science text book.

People who think that 7 days literal vs 7 days figurative actually matters.

People who avoid the stinky drunk guy.

People who won't sing the song unless it is a song that they like.

People who make our corporate worship offerings about themselves (or the people, this includes many worship leaders!).


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